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The Montreal buildings belonging to CBC/Radio-Canada, TVA, La Presse and Le Journal de Montréal

Montreal has a large and well-developed communications system, including several English and French language television stations, newspapers, radio stations, and magazines. It is Canada's second-largest media market, and the centre of francophone Canada's media industry.

Television stations[edit]

OTA virtual
Actual channel Vidéotron Cable Call sign Network Lang. Notes
2.1 19 (UHF) 2 CBFT-DT Ici Radio-Canada Télé FR
6.1 21 (UHF) 6 CBMT-DT CBC Television EN
10.1 10 (VHF) 4 CFTM-DT TVA FR
12.1 12 (VHF) 11 CFCF-DT CTV EN
15.1 15 (UHF) 8 CKMI-DT Global EN
17.1 26 (UHF) 3 CIVM-DT Télé-Québec FR
29.1 29 (UHF) 22 CFTU-DT Educational independent FR Branded on-air as ""
35.1 35 (UHF) 5 CFJP-DT Noovo FR
47.1 47 (UHF) 16 CFHD-DT Multicultural independent Multi Branded on-air as "ICI Montreal"; secondary affiliate of Omni Television
62.1 49 (UHF) 14 CJNT-DT Citytv EN

Canada's major French-language networks are all headquartered within a few blocks of each other on Boulevard René-Lévesque in downtown Montreal.

Network programming from the United States is provided on cable via stations from the Burlington, Vermont/Plattsburgh, New York market; see Template:Champlain Valley TV. Several Burlington/Plattsburgh stations can be received over the air in Montreal, including: WPTZ (NBC), WVNY (ABC), WCAX (CBS), WFFF (FOX), WETK (PBS) and WCFE (PBS). Montreal is ten times larger than the entire American population of the Burlington/Plattsburgh market; indeed, for decades most stations in that market before CRTC regulations and growth in the region itself identified as serving "Burlington/Plattsburgh/Montreal," and depended on advertising in Montreal for their survival.

Daily newspapers[edit]

Newsstand in Rosemont, Montreal, 1943.

Free daily newspapers[edit]

Weekly newspapers[edit]

Also known as "alternative" or "cultural" weeklies:

  • African Reflection (English)
  • Avenir de l'est (French)
  • Brossard Journal (English, French)
  • Cités Nouvelles (French)
  • Courrier Ahuntsic & Bordeaux-Cartierville (French)
  • Cult MTL (English)
  • East End Suburban (English)
  • Exclaim! (English) (National: Canadian monthly)
  • Guide Montréal-Nord (French)
  • Ici (French)
  • Journal de Rosemont - La Petite-Patrie (French)
  • Journal de St-Michel (French)
  • L'Express d'Outremont & Mont-Royal (French)
  • L'Informateur de Rivière-des-Prairies (French)
  • La Voix Pop (French)
  • Le Flambeau de l'Est (French)
  • Le Magazine de L'île des Soeurs (French)
  • Le Messager Lachine & Dorval (French)
  • Le Messager LaSalle (French)
  • Le Messager Verdun (French)
  • Le Messager Week-End (French, monthly)
  • Le Plateau (French)
  • Le Québécois Libre (French)
  • Matin (French)
  • Montréal Express (French, web only)
  • Montreal Times (English)
  • Nouvelles Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (French)
  • Nouvelles Park-Extension News (English, French)
  • Nouvelles Saint-Laurent News (French, English)
  • Place Publique (English, French)
  • Progrès Saint-Léonard (French)
  • Progrès Villeray - Parc-Extension (French)
  • St-Lambert Journal (English, French)
  • The Eastern Door (English)
  • The Free Press (English)
  • The Montreal Tribune (English)
  • The Montrealer (English)
  • The Senior Times (English)
  • The Suburban (English)
  • Voir (French)
  • West End Times (English)
  • West Island Gazette (English)
  • West Island Life (English)
  • Westmount Independent (English)
  • Westmount Life (English)

Campus newspapers[edit]

Student newspapers[edit]

University newspapers[edit]

Ethnic newspapers[edit]

Defunct newspapers[edit]

Magazines (independent from newspapers)[edit]

See also magazines published in Montreal.

Radio stations[edit]

Band Frequency Callsign Station name Language Format
FM 88.1 MHz CHDO-FM [3] French/English Trudeau Airport information
(Originally on 89.7 FM) [4]
FM 88.5 MHz CBME-FM CBC Radio One English public news/talk
FM 89.3 MHz CISM-FM CISM French campus (Université de Montréal)
FM 89.9 MHz CKKI-FM KKIC RADIO English country (Kahnawake Mohawk Territory)
FM 90.3 MHz CKUT-FM CKUT English campus (McGill)
FM 90.7 MHz CHIL-FM[5] Centre communautaire "Bon Courage" de Place Benoît French Community radio (borough of Saint-Laurent)
FM 91.3 MHz CIRA-FM Radio Ville-Marie French religious (Catholic)
FM 91.9 MHz CKLX-FM BPM Sports 91.9 Montreal French sports talk
FM 92.5 MHz CKBE-FM 9-2-5 The Beat English adult contemporary
FM 93.5 MHz CBM-FM CBC Music English public music
FM 94.3 MHz CKMF-FM Énergie French modern rock
FM 95.1 MHz CBF-FM Ici Radio-Canada Première French public news/talk
FM 95.9 MHz CJFM-FM Virgin Radio 95.9 English contemporary hit radio
FM 96.9 MHz CKOI-FM CKOI French contemporary hit radio
FM 97.7 MHz CHOM-FM CHOM 97.7 English active rock
FM 98.5 MHz CHMP-FM 98,5 FM French news/talk
FM 99.5 MHz CJPX-FM WKND 99,5 French adult contemporary
FM 100.1 MHz CKVL-FM FM 100,1 Radio LaSalle French community radio (LaSalle)
FM 100.7 MHz CBFX-FM Ici Musique French public music
FM 101.5 MHz CIBL-FM CIBL 101,5 Radio-Montréal French community radio
FM 102.3 MHz CINQ-FM Radio Centre-Ville English, French, Multiple community
FM 102.9 MHz CILO-FM English, French, Multiple community (South Asian)
FM 103.3 MHz CHAA-FM FM 103,3 French community radio (Longueuil)
FM 103.7 MHz CKRK-FM K103 Radio Kahnawake English community radio (Kahnawake Mohawk Territory)
FM 104.5 MHz CHOU-FM-1 Radio Moyen-Orient Arabic (several dialects) repeater of CHOU 1450 AM, serving Montreal on the FM band
FM 104.7 MHz CBME-FM-1 CBC Radio One English repeater of CBME-FM, serving Notre-Dame-de-Grâce
FM 105.1 MHz CKDG-FM Mike FM English, Greek community radio, classic hits
FM 105.7 MHz CFGL-FM Rythme FM 105.7 French rhythmic adult contemporary
FM 106.3 MHz CKIN-FM Radio CINA FM Montréal Arabic community radio
FM 107.3 MHz CITE-FM 107,3 Rouge FM French adult contemporary
AM 600 kHz CFQR English Testing, with programming to begin late 2017; to be talk radio[needs update]
AM 690 kHz CKGM TSN Radio 690 English sports
AM 730 kHz CKAC Radio Circulation 730 French traffic info
AM 800 kHz CJAD CJAD 800 English news/talk, sports, oldies
AM 940 kHz CFNV French Testing, with programming to begin early 2017; to be talk radio[needs update]
AM 980 kHz CHRF AM 980 French Adult standards (defunct)
AM 1040 kHz CJMS 1040 AM, L'authentique French country (Saint-Constant) (defunct)
AM 1280 kHz CFMB CFMB Radio Montreal Multiple multilingual
AM 1410 kHz CJWI CPAM Radio Union French (also some Creole) multilingual
AM 1450 kHz CHOU Radio Moyen-Orient Arabic (several dialects) community
AM 1570 kHz CJLV Radio Laval 1570 AM French oldies
AM 1610 kHz CHRN Radio Humsafar English, French, Multiple South Asian
AM 1650 kHz CKZW La Radio Gospel English, French Christian programming
AM 1690 kHz CJLO 1690 CJLO English campus (Concordia University)

A number of radio stations from New York and Vermont may be heard in Montreal, most notably WVMT 620 AM, WEAV 960 AM, WEZF 92.9 FM, WQLR 94.7 FM, WBTZ 99.9 FM, and WVPS 107.9 FM. WQLR, while based in the United States, is focused on Montreal as a rimshotter. CFRA 580 AM from Ottawa is also clearly available in Montreal, as is CITE-FM-1 102.7 FM from Sherbrooke (a sister station of, but programmed separately from, CITE-FM).

The Greater Montreal area had a number of radio stations that were shut down over the years.[which?] [6]

In 2013, the new local media firm Tietolman-Tétrault-Pancholy Media, whose partners included former Montreal City Councillor Nicolas Tétrault, received licenses to launch three new radio stations on the AM band: a French sports station on AM 850, an English talk radio station on AM 600, and a French talk radio station on AM 940.[7] As of August 2016, the AM 850 license has lapsed unbuilt, with both of the other licenses due to expire in November if the stations have not launched by then.[needs update]


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