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Miss Vickies
Product type potato chips
Owner PepsiCo
Country Canada
Introduced 1987
Markets Canada, Europe, and the United States
Website missvickies.ca

Miss Vickie's is a Canadian brand of potato chips made by Frito-Lay in the United States. The chips are kettle cooked and come in a variety of flavours. They are sold in Canada, Europe, and in the United States.


The recipe originated with Vickie and Bill Kerr, at their potato farm in New Lowell, Ontario.[1] The chips saw their debut at the 14th annual Alliston Potato Festival in 1987, gained quick popularity amongst festival go-ers and completely sold out. Over the next few years the chips were produced and marketed from Pointe-Claire, Quebec, and became popular throughout all of Canada, holding 1% of the national market.[2]

Miss Vickie's unique packaging was custom created by Mobil Chemical Canada Ltd., of Belleville, Ontario. It was created not only to improve the look of the package, but also for its better sealability and moisture and oxygen barrier.

In 1993, having just been acquired by Frito-Lay,[3] the company started to work on some new recipes, testing them in different areas. However, the first of the new recipes were not introduced until 1999. Over the next few years new flavours were released almost annually.


  • Miss Vickie's Original Recipe (1987)
  • Miss Vickie's Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar (1987)
  • Miss Vickie's Jalapeño (1998)
  • Miss Vickie's Hand-Picked Jalapeño (1999)
  • Miss Vickie's Country Onion with 3 Cheeses (1999)
  • Miss Vickie's Roasted Garlic & Herb (2001)
  • Miss Vickie's Harvest Onion (2002)
  • Miss Vickie's Sweet Chili & Sour Cream (2003)
  • Miss Vickie's Lime & Black Pepper (2004)
  • Miss Vickie's Smokehouse BBQ (2005) Returning in 2015
  • Miss Vickie's Honey & Roasted Garlic (2005) (Discontinued in 2009)
  • Miss Vickie's Roasted Red Pepper Grill (2006)
  • Miss Vickie's Vintage Cheddar & Red Onion (2007)
  • Miss Vickie's Creamy Buttermilk Ranch (2008)
  • Miss Vickie's Unsalted (2008)
  • Miss Vickie's Mesquite BBQ (Discontinued in 2008)
  • Miss Vickie's Rosemary & Basil (2008)
  • Miss Vickie's Crinkle Cut Original (2009)
  • Miss Vickie's Balsamic Vinegar & Sweet Onion (2010)
  • Miss Vickie's 40% Reduced Fat (2014)
  • Miss Vickie's Applewood Smoked BBQ (2015)
  • Miss Vickie's Sour Cream & Caramelized Onion (2016)
  • Miss Vickie's Harvest Cheddar and Herbs (2017)

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