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King Vitaman is a brand of sweetened breakfast cereal produced by Quaker Oats and sold in the United States. The cereal entered the marketplace in 1968, and although it has changed mascots over the years, it is still in production.

King Vitaman Cereal boasts high vitamin and iron content, in addition to a more modest amount of sugar (only 6 grams per serving—more popular breakfast cereals, such as Cap'n Crunch and Lucky Charms contain 13 grams or more). The early television commercials for the cereal were animated by Jay Ward Productions, the creators of Rocky and Bullwinkle. The advertising featured King Vitaman (voiced by character actor Joe Flynn) and his knights: Sir Laffitup & Sir Cravenleigh and their foes Blue Baron (voiced by Paul Frees) & Not-So-Bright Knight. Subsequent non-animated advertisements ended with a jingle inviting children to "Have Breakfast with the King."

The depiction of King Vitaman has changed over the years.[1] Jay Ward Productions created the first mascot for King Vitaman cereal in 1968, voiced by character actor Joe Flynn. From 1971 to 2000, actor George Mann, an ex-vaudevillian in the comedic dance act Barto and Mann, depicted King Vitaman on the cereal box and in television commercials[2] until his death in 1977. In 2000, Quaker Oats returned to an illustrated character on their King Vitaman cereal boxes. King Vitaman has been an inspiration for poem[3] and song.[4]


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