Lucius Mussius Aemilianus

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Lucius Mussius Aemilianus
Usurper of the Roman Empire
Mussius Aemilianus.jpg
Reign260 or 260-261
Died261 or 262
Full name
Lucius Mussius Aemilianus
Regnal name
Imperator Caesar Lucius Mussius Aemilianus Augustus

Lucius Mussius Aemilianus (died 261 or 262) was a Roman usurper.

Mussius Aemilianus probably was of Italian stock. He was an officer in the Roman army under Philip the Arab and Valerian. The latter appointed him Praefectus of Roman Egypt, a position he held from possibly as early as 256 to 261.[1]

He supported the rebellion of the Macriani against Gallienus (260-261). When the Macriani were defeated he probably proclaimed himself emperor.[2]

Gallienus sent his general Aurelius Theodotus to Egypt to deal with Aemilianus. After a short struggle Aemilianus was defeated (before 30 March 262), captured, and later strangled in prison. Subsequently Memor, a possible supporter, was executed.

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