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This article is about a railway station of Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway. For a railway station of Nanjing-Tongling Railway formerly known as Nanjing South, see Zhonghuamen Railway Station (Nanjing).
China Railway High-speed Nanjing Metro  1   3   S1 
Nanjingnan Station
Nanjing South Station
South Nanjing Station 2011.JPG
Province Jiangsu
(See other stations in Jiangsu)
City Nanjing
District Yuhuatai
Coordinates 31°58′14″N 118°47′33″E / 31.97056°N 118.79250°E / 31.97056; 118.79250Coordinates: 31°58′14″N 118°47′33″E / 31.97056°N 118.79250°E / 31.97056; 118.79250
Opened June 30, 2010
Station statistics
Operator(s) Shanghai Railway Bureau
Ministry of Railways of the PRC
Line(s)      Line 1      Line 3      Line S1
Jinghu High-Speed Railway
Huning Intercity Rail
Ninghang Passenger Railway
Rail services
Preceding station   Nanjing Metro   Following station
toward Maigaoqiao
Line 1
toward CPU
toward Linchang
Line 3
Terminus Line S1
Preceding station   China Railways.svg China Railway   Following station
Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway
Terminus Nanjing–Anqing Intercity Railway
towards Anqing
Terminus Nanjing–Hangzhou Passenger Railway
towards Hangzhou East

The Nanjing South Railway Station (Chinese: 南京南站) (IATA: NKJ) is a high-speed railway station in Nanjing, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China, serving the Jinghu High-Speed Railway, Huning Intercity Rail, Ninghang Passenger Railway and the Huhanrong (Shanghai–Wuhan–Chengdu) Railways. The New Nanjing South Railway Station station is located a few kilometres south of downtown Nanjing. The station's construction site is already connected with the central Nanjing by Line 1, Line 3 and Line S1 of Nanjing Metro. According to CCTV, it is the world's second largest railway station in terms of GFA (Gross Floor Area) at 458,000 square metre (4,929,871 square ft). The dimension of the main roof is 456m x 216m (excluding smaller roof on both sides of the main roof), the main roof is constructed with steel weighing more than 8000 tons. The roof on top of the waiting hall area (part of the main roof) is 72,000 square meter (775,001 square ft). The entire railway station has 128 escalators, and 28 platforms (a combination of island-platforms and side-platforms). At the peak of the construction phase, there were more than 20,000 construction workers and engineers at work. Solar panels cover the majority of the railway station roof and are capable of providing 7.17 MW (megawatt) of electricity.

Before the construction of the (New) Nanjing South Railway Station, the name "Nanjing South Railway Station" was applied to another station: a fairly minor rail station located just outside the Gate of China (Zhonghuamen) of Nanjing's walled city, much closer to the city centre than the new Nanjing South Railway Station. To avoid confusion, the (old) South Railway Station has now been renamed as the Zhonghuamen Railway Station (中华门站).

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