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Xuzhou Metro
Xuzhou Metro 2019.png
Native name徐州地铁
LocaleXuzhou, Jiangsu, China
Transit typeRapid transit
Number of lines1
Number of stations18
Began operationSeptember 28, 2019[1]
Operator(s)Xuzhou City Rail Transit Co., Ltd.
CharacterUnderground, elevated
System length21.967 km (13.650 mi)[2]

The Xuzhou Metro (Chinese: 徐州地铁; pinyin: Xúzhōu dìtiě) is a rapid transit system in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. Construction began in February 2014, and Line 1 was opened on September 28, 2019.[1]

By 2020, the network is scheduled to comprise three lines with a total length of about 67 kilometres (42 mi). The total investment is expected to be 44.3 billion renminbi.[3][4] The system will comprise 11 lines and 323 kilometres (201 mi) of track when it is fully realized.[5]

Lines in operation[edit]

Line Terminals
Commencement Length
 1  Luwo
Xuzhoudong Railway Station
2019 21.967[2] 18

Line 1[edit]

Line 1 began construction in February 2014. The first phase is 21.967 kilometres (13.6 mi)[2] in length, and has 18 stations (17 underground and one elevated). It runs from Luwo Station in the west to Xuzhoudong Railway Station in the east.[6] In June 2018, the civil engineering construction work was reported to be 95% complete, leaving mostly track laying, decorations, and electromechanical installations to be completed.[7] On August 30, 2018, railway work was declared complete, and electromechanical installations and decorations declared as "under intense progress".[8] It was opened on September 28, 2019.[1]

Lines under construction[edit]

Line 2[edit]

Line 2 is planned to be 24.25 kilometres (15.07 mi)[9] long in its first phase with 20 underground stations. It will run between Keyunbei Station and Xinchengqu East Station.[6] It is planned to open in October 2020.[10]

Line 3[edit]

Line 3 is planned to be 18.13 kilometres (11.27 mi)[11] long in its first phase with 16 underground stations. It will run between Xiadian Station and Gaoxinqu South Station.[6] It is planned to open in June 2021.[12]

Future development[edit]

Second phase[edit]

Construction will soon begin on the second phase of the Xuzhou Metro, including Line 4, Line 5, Line 6, and the second phase of Line 3. Construction will last on these lines until 2024. The second phase will be 104.8 kilometres (65.1 mi) long with 73 stations.

Line 4 is planned to be 33.9 kilometres (21.1 mi) long with 25 underground stations, including 8 interchange stations. It will run between Taishangcun Station and Liuwan Village Station.

Line 5 is planned to be 33.5 kilometres (20.8 mi) long with 23 underground stations, including 9 interchange stations. It will run between Sundian Village Station and Xuzhou Mining City Station.

Line 6 is planned to be 30.7 kilometres (19.1 mi) long with 20 underground stations, including 6 interchange stations. It will run between Zhujiang Road Station and Xuzhou East Railway Station.

The second phase of Line 3 is planned to be 6.9 kilometres (4.3 mi) long with 5 underground stations, running from Xiadian Station to Houtao Taocun Station.

In September 2018, it was reported that the second phase construction plan will soon be reported to the National Development and Reform Commission, with preparatory construction work already completed and having already passed reporting to the Provincial Development and Reform Commission. Line 6 will begin construction first, along with Line 3, on a date to be determined.[5]

Third phase[edit]

The third phase of metro lines, still in planning, will complete the Xuzhou Metro's complete plan of 7 urban metro lines and 4 suburban metro lines. This phase will include the second phases of Line 1 and Line 2 and the entirety of Line 7, Line S1, Line S2, Line S3, and Line S4.


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