North Carolina General Assembly of 2007–08

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North Carolina General Assembly 2007–2008
North Carolina General Assembly of 2005–2006 North Carolina General Assembly of 2009–2010
North Carolina Legislative Building
Jurisdiction North Carolina, United States
Meeting place North Carolina State Legislative Building
Term 2007-2008
North Carolina Senate
Members 50 Senators
President pro tempore Marc Basnight (Dem)
Majority Leader Tony Rand (Dem)
Minority Leader Phil Berger (Rep)
Party control Democratic Party
North Carolina House of Representatives
Members 120 Representatives
Speaker of the House Joe Hackney (Dem)
Majority Leader L. Hugh Holliman (Dem)
Minority Leader Paul Stam (Rep)
Party control Democratic Party

Members of the North Carolina General Assembly, 2007–2008 session were elected in November 2006. This legislature first convened in January 2007.

In addition to its regular sessions, the legislature met in special session in March 2008 to consider expelling Rep. Thomas E. Wright.[1]

State House of Representatives[edit]

The North Carolina state House of Representatives, during the 2007–2008 session, consisted of 68 Democrats and 52 Republicans.


North Carolina House Officers
Position Name Party
Speaker Joe Hackney Democratic
Speaker pro tempore William L. Wainwright Democratic
Majority Leader L. Hugh Holliman Democratic
Majority Whips Larry M. Bell Democratic
Jean Farmer-Butterfield Democratic
Deborah K. Ross Democratic
Bruce Goforth Democratic
Larry Hall Democratic
Minority Leader Paul Stam Republican
Minority Whip William C. McGee Republican
Deputy Minority Whip Carolyn H. Justice Republican
Freshman Leaders Larry D. Hall Democratic
Ric Killian Republican
  • Clerk (appointed by the house): Denise Weeks


State Senate[edit]

The North Carolina state Senate, during the 2007–2008 session, consisted of 31 Democrats and 19 Republicans.


North Carolina Senate Officers
Position Name Party
Lieutenant Governor / President of the Senate Beverly Perdue Democratic
President Pro Tem Marc Basnight Democratic
Deputy President Pro Tempore Charlie Smith Dannelly Democratic
Majority Leader Tony Rand Democratic
Majority Whip Katie G. Dorsett Democratic
Minority Leader Phil Berger Republican
Deputy Minority Leader Tom Apodaca Republican
Minority Whip Jerry W. Tillman Republican
  • Clerk (appointed by the Senate): Janet Pruitt
  • Permanent Democratic Caucus Chair: R. C. Soles, Jr. (8th district)
  • Democratic Caucus Secretary: Charles W. Albertson (10th district)
  • Chairman, Republican Policy Committee: Jean Preston (2nd district)


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