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Wolverine: Old Man Logan
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
Publication date June 2008 – September 2009
Main character(s) Wolverine
Creative team
Writer(s) (vol. 1)
Mark Millar
(vol. 2)
Brian Michael Bendis
(vol. 3)
Jeff Lemire
Penciller(s) (vol. 1)
Steve McNiven
(vol. 2)
Andrea Sorrentino
(vol. 3)
Andrea Sorrentino
Collected editions
Wolverine: Old Man Logan ISBN 0-7851-3159-0

"Wolverine: Old Man Logan" is an eight-issue storyline from the Wolverine ongoing series by writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven, published by Marvel Comics. It began in June 2008, ran through Wolverine #66–72 and ended in Wolverine Giant-Size Old Man Logan in September 2009. It is set in an alternate universe designated as Earth-807128. The hardcover collected edition was published January 1, 2010.

A new volume of Old Man Logan debuted during the 2015 Secret Wars storyline,[1] written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Andrea Sorrentino. This story is continued in an ongoing series with the same name beginning in January 2016,[2] written by Jeff Lemire with Sorrentino returning as artist.


Volume One[edit]

The United States has been conquered and divided among supervillains, with territories belonging to The Abomination (later conquered by the Hulk), Magneto (later conquered by a new Kingpin), Dr. Doom and the Red Skull, who has named himself President. Heroes have been wiped out of existence, with the few survivors in hiding. Logan lives with his wife Maureen and young children Scotty and Jade on a barren plot of land in Sacramento, California, now part of the territory known as "Hulkland." Logan, needing money to pay rent to his landlords (the incestuous hillbilly grandchildren of the Hulk and his first cousin She-Hulk), accepts a job from a now-blind Hawkeye—to help him travel east to the capital of New Babylon, and deliver a secret package (which Logan assumes to be drugs).[3]

Logan and Hawkeye encounter several diversions on their journey. They rescue Hawkeye's daughter, Ashley Barton (who seems to be an aspiring Spider-Girl herself), from the clutches of the new Kingpin. They rescue her, but she murders Kingpin and reveals her intention to seize his territory of Hammer Falls, formerly Las Vegas.[4]

They escape a cluster of Moloids, who are destroying cities by sinking them from beneath the surface. They then got chased by a Venom symbiote-infused dinosaur (imported from the Savage Land), before being rescued and teleported by the White Queen and Black Bolt.[5]

Throughout the story it is reiterated that the "Wolverine" persona died the day the villains attacked, and Logan has refused to use his claws ever since. Via flashbacks it is revealed that on the night the attack happened, a group of forty supervillains apparently attacked the X-Mansion. Unable to locate his teammates, Wolverine slaughtered the attackers to ensure the safety of the mutant children. As the last "attacker" was killed, Logan realized that the entire assault was an illusion created by Mysterio, and his perceived enemies were actually his fellow X-Men. This destroyed him emotionally and mentally, and he fled the Mansion and wandered away to a train track in shock and shame. Though he made a subsequent suicide attempt by allowing a freight train to run him over, Logan could not actually kill himself, but had effectively killed "Wolverine".[6]

Writer Mark Millar signing a copy of the collected edition during an appearance at Midtown Comics in Manhattan.

When they finally reach the capital, Hawkeye delivers his package to an underground resistance group hoping to begin a new Avengers-esque team. The package is revealed to be a case of Super Soldier Serum, enough to form an army. But Hawkeye's clients expose themselves as undercover S.H.I.E.L.D agents. They shoot and kill Logan and Hawkeye.[5] However, Logan's body heals, and he awakens in Red Skull's trophy room amongst the armaments and costumes of the world's fallen superheroes. Without using his claws, he kills Red Skull's men and engages Red Skull himself, eventually decapitating him with Captain America's shield. He grabs a briefcase of money (their intended reward for the delivery) and uses pieces of Iron Man's armor to fly back home.

Upon arriving, Logan discovers that in his absence the Hulk's grandchildren murdered his family, and left the bodies unburied.[7] This results in Logan finally unleashing his claws. He seeks out and slaughters almost the entire Banner clan before encountering old man Banner himself, who displays monstrous strength even in his human form. Banner reveals that while the murder of Logan's family was intended as a message to others, he really just wanted to get Logan angry enough to fight him because he had gotten bored being a "super-villain landlord" like the others. In his Hulk form, Banner is enormous, bigger than the Hulk has ever been shown before, and easily defeats Logan and then consumes him. Logan recuperates within Banner's stomach and bursts out, killing the Hulk. Afterward, he discovers a baby hulk—Bruce Banner, Junior.

A month later, Logan and his neighbors hold a small memorial for Logan's family. With nothing left on his old home, Logan then says he plans to defeat all the new world villains and bring peace to the land—with him and Bruce Banner, Junior, being the first members of a new group of superheroes—before riding off into the sunset.[8]

Collected editions[edit]

Title Material collected Publication date ISBN
Wolverine: Old Man Logan Wolverine Vol. 3 #66–72, Giant-Size Old Man Logan #1 September 22, 2010 978-0785131724
Wolverine: Old Man Logan Vol. 0: Warzones Old Man Logan #1–5 December 8, 2015 978-0785198932


Fantastic Four[edit]

Written before Old Man Logan but chronologically taking place afterwards, Millar's run on Fantastic Four featured characters who are heavily implied to be the aged Wolverine and a grown up Bruce Banner Jr. from the story.

Their future ravaged by Earth's incoming death, an incarnation of the Defenders led by an older Susan Storm travels back in time to use cosmic energy to restore their world. Their attempts cause them to clash with the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom, but they eventually succeed in saving humanity by transporting them to an artificial back-up dimension called NuWorld.

Secret Wars (2015)[edit]

The 2015 Secret Wars storyline features an Old Man Logan miniseries. The Battleworld domain associated with this reality is the Wastelands.[1]

Somewhere in the Wastelands, a poker game is being played. A guy in a Daredevil costume is given some face time. He has news to deliver: the Hulks seem to have vanished off world. The head honcho is named Gladiator. He sports an Iron Man helmet and has that code name tattooed all across his chest. He is doubtful of this piece of news. The wannabe Daredevil begins to tell him of "this guy." That is interrupted by the appearance of said guy. A shadowy figure who wants to take down the falsely-named straw boss for the abduction and murder of children. This mystery man is so bold that when he is threatened with the count of three, he pours cola over DD’s head and does the countdown himself. Gladiator is enraged, pulls out his guns, and orders his execution. Wolverine slaughters the Gladiator's men in typical brutal fashion. After Logan kills Gladiator himself, a bullet grazes Logan’s face. A chubby, bald boy pulled the trigger where he is upset that Logan killed his father who happened to be that town’s tyrant. Logan tells the kid that he did him an enormous service and that he’ll be grateful in the near future. The boy vows vengeance. Logan will indulge him if/when that day comes.

The townsfolk gather round. Logan encourages them all to relish their freedom. His encouraging words are met with silence. Logan then travels at a slow, undetermined pace on his white horse. After a minor dust storm, Logan spots an Ultron helmet. In a Hamlet-esque pose, he speaks to it expecting a response. He is a bit baffled by this. Logan makes a pit stop at home. Danielle Cage is waiting for him along with a baby Hulk. Danielle wonders about Logan’s well-being and asks of his mission. Both A-OK. When Dani espies the Adamantium-laced cranium, she is at a loss. Logan informs her that it comes from a malevolent AI and that her dad busted a few back in his day. He is leaving immediately where he must investigate the waylaid relic. When Logan asks her how she is getting along with little Bruce Banner Jr., she enjoys the company and mentions the infant’s voracious appetite. Logan has to abandon her once again. With a tinge of sadness, he states that she takes after both parents in terms of her looks. Danielle cuts him short since they are deceased. Logan drops enough cash for her to get food and supplies.

As he walks out, a family photo shows Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Dani as an infant. Logan makes his way to Hammer Falls, Nevada. This is the reinterpretation of Sin City. As he approaches a seedy hotel, Logan encounters Emma Frost who uses her abilities to make Logan see her as Jean Grey. Logan is disappointed at the ramshackle where Emma now resides. She flat out blames him. After Logan killed the Kingpin, the Hulk Clan, and Banner himself, a vacuum was created. The Punishers vied for the power that granted them the open territories. Emma came to the city and witnessed the massacre. She tried to overtake them, but her elderly status has weakened her powers. Logan is seeking Ultron-8 so that he can examine the head. It belonged to an Ultron-5. Emma tells him to cease and desist and live the idyllic existence. Emma points out that Logan already has the answer to his question. Number Five’s helmet came from over the Shield. He should not bother playing the hero anymore. He retorts that God Doom is supposed to be the absolute saviour. Logan tries to convince Emma that she can still make a life for herself. Just then, the Punishers arrive and kill Emma Frost. They were so quick in their attacks that she could not turn into her diamond form. Emma Frost's telepathic assaults exacerbated the situation rather than subdue the gun-crazed men. She has bleeding out, but assures Logan she feels no pain. He commends her on her lifelong contributions. She mentions how much she misses teaching which Logan agrees with. Her last words are the fact that she was awaiting the angel of death and assumed it to be Logan. Logan then reaches the Shield and starts to climb it.[9]

Logan finally makes it to the top of the wall and sees a cityscape in the distance. Before he can climb down the other side, he is met by a member of the Thor Corps that tells what he has done is forbidden, something Logan is oblivious to. Logan says that Thor looks like a half dead man, who in turn surprises him with a lightning bolt that fries his body and causes him to fall to the other side of the wall. Thor goes down to look for Logan, but only finds wild animals. As Thor flies away, a naked Logan appears. While trying to get rehydrated at a nearby pond, Logan is attacked by a tiger. Logan quickly kills the tiger only to come face to face with Sabretooth, who has been granted Horseman of Apocalypse powers and has some soldiers as his back-up. Unbeknownst to him, Logan had actually reached the Domain of Apocalypse. The soldiers open fire on Logan, who covers to defend himself until a lightning bolt suddenly strikes down and takes out all of Sabretooth’s soldiers. Logan looks up to see who it is thinking at first to be Thor coming back to continue the fight. It turns out to be Storm and the X-Men.

Before he can say a word to them, Logan passes out from all the pain he has endured. Later, Logan wakes up in a Japanese-styled house where he finds a picture of one of the first X-Men teams he was a part of hanging on the wall. A young Emma Frost walks into the house who reveals that they are actually in his mind. Emma brings up the fact that she found it difficult to find a happy memory in Logan’s mind. As soon as Emma brings up Logan’s deceased family, Logan threatens to kill her if she does not return him to the real world. Emma disregards Logan’s threats. Instead, she brings up the fact that she does not know who he really is, because if he was the Logan she knew, then he has created the most elaborate 50 year character history she has ever seen. Logan orders Emma to get him back to reality and Emma finally decides to oblige his request. Logan wakes up to see a confused X-Men group talking amongst themselves about how they already have a Logan. Magneto believes that this Logan was made to infiltrate their ranks. Logan is confused by the entire situation but before he can get any answers a bomb destroys part of the building Logan and the X-Men are in. Sabertooth, Mister Sinister, and Abyss appear and immediately attack the X-Men. Believing him to be a traitor, Magneto throws Logan out the building. While getting up from Magneto’s attack, Logan is still trying to piece together what exactly is going on. Before he can think of his situation any further, Logan is confronted by Apocalypse.[10]

As Apocalypse is understandably confused by Old Man Logan's presence, one of the Thor Corps members shows up and tells Apocalypse to stand down. There is a tense conversation between Apocalypse and the Thor Corps. He is understandably curious about where Old Man Logan came from and why he ended up in this apocalyptic wasteland among the many apocalyptic wastelands that make up Battleworld. Even the other X-Men are curious. Eventually, Apocalypse gets too angry to respect God Emperor Doom’s divine authority and he opts to attack the Thor Corps rather than cooperate with the emissary of Doom. While the fight rages on, it gives Old Man Logan the chance he needs to slip away. As Apocalypse falls down, Old Man Logan attacks the Thor Corps and even guides the X-Men to Tabitha Smith so they can help her. Old Man Logan gets knocked so hard that he gets thrown into yet another domain of Battleworld. As soon as he wakes up in Technopolis, he is met with yet another Thor (who is this domain's version of War Machine). As Tony Stark wants to study Old Man Logan’s healing and find out how someone survives a Thor blast, War Machine reminds him that Old Man Logan still needs to answer to God Emperor Doom because he was outside his own domain. A tense exchange follows; Logan being around the people he killed is taking a toll on him, but War Machine does not care. As Logan is in mid sentence, War Machine blindsides him with an energy blast which knocks him out of the tower. Logan is to be banished to the Deadlands.[11]

Logan tirelessly manages to fight through the hordes of zombies of the Deadlands, for what appears to be days on end. Eventually even he begins to tire and he takes shelter inside a cave. Once inside the cave, he finds an uninfected She-Hulk who had been there for a long time. Logan tries to convince her to throw him out of the Deadlands when the zombies who were pursuing Logan find them. In a desperate attempt to help him escape, She-Hulk catches him and jumps as high as she can to throw him out of the Deadlands as he had suggested, ultimately sacrificing her own life to do so. Afterwards, Logan finds himself in the Kingdom of Manhattan.[12]

Believing that he had returned to his own domain, Logan wandered the city he had not seen in years. He meets Jean Grey of Earth-TRN240 and Emma Frost of Earth-616 and is taken by them to meet the rest of the X-Men as well as the son of one of the Wolverines of the domain Jimmy Hudson. Later, after leading the superhero population of the Kingdom of Manhattan in a rebellion against God Emperor Doom, Logan finds himself on Earth-616.[13]

All-New All-Different Marvel[edit]

Old Man Logan appears in the All-New, All-Different Marvel event. There will be a solo series starring Old Man Logan.[2] Old Man Logan was awake on Earth Prime, he starts to go on a quest to prevent the events that would lead to his future of the near-apocalyptic world. His first target is a D-List villain named Black Butcher who in his future stole Scotty Logan's baseball cap. Logan easily kills him.[14] For his next job, Logan used Butcher's workshop to set up his bearings where he hears on the radio that Hulk is in Manhattan. When Logan confronted Hulk, he was lacking the strength of his youth, and failed to defeat a Hulk in his prime. He then learned that the Hulk in question was actually Amadeus Cho and not Bruce Banner. After evading the police, Logan went to Hawkeye's house in Brooklyn to afford his help only to find Kate Bishop.[15] After explaining who he was and eventually passing out on Hawkeye's couch, Logan woke up 33 hours later. After learning that Logan was looking for Mysterio, Kate Bishop looked up his last known whereabouts on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s database and demanded to come with Logan as he investigated. When they arrived, they found a man named Eddie and his unnamed partner there. Logan immediately attacked them cutting off one man's hand despite them denying that they knew who Mysterio was. A horrified Kate Bishop tried to stop him, but Logan quickly neutralized her as the two men escaped. Logan gave chase, but was stopped by the arrival of Commander Steve Rogers.[16] After gaining Logan's trust and bringing him to Alberta, Canada, Rogers went on to reassure Logan that this wasn't his past by showing him the adamantium-frozen body of Earth-616's Logan. The sight reminded Logan of the need to enjoy being alive, rather than brooding over his own past ghosts. Although he told Steve Rogers what he had experienced in his timeline, Logan declined Steve's offer to let him help Logan.[17]

Old Man Logan appears later in Extraordinary X-Men where he decides to remain under the radar, believing his destiny was to kill the X-Men and determined to try anything to avoid it. He also vowed to take out those who would orchestrate the events where the heroes fell and the villains rose.[18] Logan caught the attention of the X-Men when he was confronted by Cerebra. The X-Men believed Logan to be their late Wolverine.[19] Storm wanted Logan to join their X-Men, but he declined.[20] The time-displaced Jean Grey of the past convinced Logan to change his mind and vowed to stop him before he arrives at the day when the villains will rise, the heroes will fall, and Wolverine will be tricked into killing the X-Men.[18]

In other media[edit]

  • The upcoming Wolverine film, Logan, will adapt aspects from the Old Man Logan storyline.


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