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Location of the Oirats.png
Regions with significant populations
 Mongolia 15 520 (2010)
 China a few thousands
Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism , Atheism
Related ethnic groups
Mongols, especially Oirats

The Olot people (Mongolian: Өөлд/Ööld, English: Eleut) are a Oirat sub-ethnic group of the Choros origin. They were one of the strongest tribes of the Oirats. The main population (ten of thousands) of the Olots were killed by the Manchu and Mongol armies of the Qing dynasty during the fall of the Dzungar Khanate (1634-1758). Today, Mongolian Olots live in Erdenebüren and Ölziit sums. There are a few Olots in Hulunbuir region and 40,000? Olots in Xinjiang province of China. Ölziit Olots absorbed into the Khalkha Mongols and Erdenebüren Olots (3,000 people) save their Oirat language and culture.

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