Pakistan–United Kingdom relations

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Pakistani–British relations
Map indicating locations of Pakistan and UK


United Kingdom

Pakistani–British relations are the relations between Pakistan and the United Kingdom. Both Pakistan and the United Kingdom are members of the Commonwealth of Nations[1] and the United Nations.[2]


As a result of the Pakistan movement and the Indian Independence Movement, leading to the simultaneous independence and partition of India, Pakistan was created as a new commonwealth dominion on 14th August 1947. At this point the Dominion of Pakistan was still nominally part of the British Empire, until it became a Republic in 1956.[3]

Pakistan left the Commonwealth of Nations in 1972 in protesting the organization's acceptance of Bangladeshi independence,[4] before rejoining in 1989.[5]

Diplomatic relations[edit]

The United Kingdom and Pakistan have High Commissioners, a position which often fulfills the role ambassador within the Commonwealth,[6] in the other country. The current High Commissioner for the UK in Pakistan is Thomas Drew,[7] and Pakistan's High Commissioner to the UK is currently Syed Ibne Abbas.[8]

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