Partido por la Victoria del Pueblo

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People's Victory Party

Partido por la Victoria del Pueblo
FounderElena Quinteros
FoundedJuly 1975
HeadquartersMercedes 1469, Montevideo
National affiliationBroad Front
Chamber of Senators
1 / 30
Chamber of Deputies
1 / 99
0 / 19
0 / 112
Party flag

The Partido por la Victoria del Pueblo, also known as the Party for the Victory of the People or People's Victory Party (PVP), is a political organization in Uruguay. Its military wing is known as OPR-33. The leftist group began under an anarcho-syndicalist philosophy and was overshadowed by Tupamaros in Uruguay. The Party grew in strength among exiles in Argentina, both in followers and money, with $10 million from the successful ransom for a kidnapped businessman. Their planned an guerrilla operation to reclaim its place in Uruguay went awry with the surprise 1976 Argentine coup d'état. Several days after the coup, three PVP members were arrested while attempting to cross back into Uruguay. The arrests continued through the other group members in Argentina, dozens in total, including its leaders, in concert with Uruguay security forces.[1]

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