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A party political foundation (German: Parteinahe Stiftung or Parteistiftung) in Germany is a state-subsidised political foundation that's affiliated to a political party. There are six foundations at the federal level: one for each party represented in the federal parliament (Bundestag). The major characteristics of all such organizations is that they do party related work like general information about the ideological cause, training of volunteers, publication of pamphlets and international aid for democracy building (in co-operation with partners around the world).

The party political foundations receive 95% of their funding from government grants, thus blurring the definition of 'non-governmental organisation'. Most do not even have the legal status of 'foundation'.[1]

Similar institutions have also been organized in the Netherlands, Austria, France and Greece. In the U.K. and the U.S. the general setup differs because institutions like the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, the National Democratic Institute (NDI) or the International Republican Institute (IRI) are limited to responsibilities in international aid. The same applies for the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD).

List of foundations[edit]

Name Affiliated party Founded
Konrad Adenauer Foundation Christian Democratic Union 1955
Friedrich Ebert Foundation Social Democratic Party 1925
Friedrich Naumann Foundation Free Democratic Party 1958
Rosa Luxemburg Foundation The Left 1990
Heinrich Böll Foundation Alliance '90/The Greens 1997
Hanns Seidel Foundation Christian Social Union 1966


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