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Pichilemu News screenshot.jpg
pichilemunews.cl screenshot in August 2010.
Type Online newspaper
Format Online
Owner(s) Washington Saldías González
Founded 14 January 2000[1]
Language Spanish
Website pichilemunews

pichilemunews (sometimes spelled Pichilemu News or PichilemuNews.cl) is a Chilean online newspaper focused on stories of Pichilemu, Cardenal Caro Province, of which Pichilemu is the capital, also occasionally covering national and international news.

The newspaper[edit]

pichilemunews was founded by Washington Saldías González, former councilor of Pichilemu, on 14 January 2000,[2] intended as a continuation of Pichilemu, a newspaper published in 1944 and 1949 by Carlos Rojas Pavez, and later between 1986 and 1989 by Saldías González himself, after acquiring the rights from Rojas Pavez. The website self-describes as the "first online newspaper of the region of Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins". Saldías has been the online newspaper's editor since its founding.[1]

The website of pichilemunews was first designed by Juan Lucero Ramírez. Later versions of the website were designed by Iván Salinas, Ricardo Julio González, Karen Santelices, Marco González Luengo, and Marcos Cabrera Tobar. The current design and software of pichilemunews was created by David Guala Cordero.[1]

pichilemunews has published articles by academician Jorge Aravena Llanca —born in Pichilemu but living in Berlin, Germany—, historian Antonio Saldías González —writing under the pen name of Don Antonio de Petrel since 1986—, US writer Trudy Larkin Förster —who translated some articles to the English language—, Val Wilcox from the Pichilemu Institute of Language Studies —also collaborating with translations to the English language—, and Pierre Patrice —collaborating with translation to the French language—.[1]

An independent newspaper, Saldías also publishes on pichilemunews cultural and touristic material related to Pichilemu and its area. pichilemunews mainly covers topics related to Pichilemu, and the province of Cardenal Caro, but it also occasionally publishes news related to national and international topics.[2]

pichilemunews has twice earned state funds, by participating in the Fondo de Medios de Comunicación Social: in 2008, they received state funds with the project "Protagonistas pichileminos cuentan su historia" ("Pichilemu protagonists tell their story");[3] and in 2009, with the project "Pichilemu: así éramos ayer, así somos hoy" ("Pichilemu: this is how we were yesterday, this is how we are today").[4]


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