Prince George Transit System

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Prince George Transit
Service area Prince George, British Columbia
Service type Transit bus, paratransit
Alliance BC Transit
Operator Pacific Western Transportation

Prince George Transit System, or PG Transit, is the main public transit provider in Prince George, British Columbia. PG Transit is funded in conjunction with the City of Prince George and BC Transit (The provincial Crown corporation responsible for transit services outside Greater Vancouver), and operated by Prince George Transit Ltd., a subsidiary of Pacific Western Transportation.

Bus service[edit]


No. Name Description Notes
1 Heritage/10th Downtown, Spruceland, Foothills, Ospika Clockwise
11 Downtown, Spruceland, Ospika, Foothills Counter-clockwise
5 Victoria/5th Spruceland, Downtown, Victoria, Pine Centre Clockwise
55 Downtown, Spruceland, Tabor, Pine Centre, Victoria Counter-clockwise
12 Parkridge Westgate, Domano, Park, Bon Voyage Duchess Park Sec. Operates only when schools in session
15 UNBC/15th Ave. Downtown, 15th, UNBC
16 UNBC/College Heights Domano, Simon Fraser, Tyner, UNBC Weekend Service to Westgate Mall
17 UNBC via 5th Spruceland, 5th, UNBC September to April only
18 UNBC/Spruceland UNBC, 5th, Spruceland September to April only
46 Queensway Downtown, Queenway, Ospika, Pine Centre, 15th, Victoria Clockwise
47 Reverse Queensway Downtown, Patricia, 15th, Pine Centre, Pine Centre, Ospika, Queensway Counter-clockwise
88 Westgate Hart Exchange, Highway 97, Spruceland, Pine Centre, Westwood, Domano, Westgate, Bon Voyage
89 Hart Westgate, Westwood, Pine Centre, Spruceland, Highway 97, Hart Exchange
91 Spruceland to Hart Spruceland, North Nechako, Foothills, Hart Exchange
96 Kelly via N. Nechako Spruceland, North Nechako, Kelly Only When School Is In Session
97 Kelly via John Hart Hwy Spruceland, Highway 97, Kelly Only When School Is In Session


Routes 1, 5, 11, 46, 47, 55 run hourly when University is in Every 30 mins at peak times ; Routes 15 runs every 15min at peak times and every 30 mins on weekdays and hourly on weekends 16, 88, and 89 run every 30 mins on weekdays and every hour on weekends ; Routes 17 and 18 are Peak Hour, Peak Direction Only when university in session sept to April ; Routes 12, 96 and 97 are limited service only when school is in. route 91 runs hourly 7 days a week


Adult fares cost $2.25, Seniors/Students $1.75 and Children under 4 travel free. Day Passes are $4.50 ($4 Seniors/Students) There are also monthly passes for $54 ($44 for Seniors/Students) plus a 4-month semester pass for High School students for $125. U-Pass At UNBC CNC $54.00 a semester


handyDART is a dial-a-ride service for people with a disability that is sufficiently severe that they are unable to use regular transit buses without assistance. Clients must be pre-registered to make use of this service. operated By Carefree Society

Equipment used[edit]