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Barrie Transit
Barrie Transit logo.png
Founded 1972 (as Barrie City Transit)
Headquarters 70 Collier Street, Barrie, ON
Service area Barrie
Angus, Borden (route 90 only)
Routes 11
Hubs 7
Operator First Canada
Website Official website

Barrie Transit is a Canadian public transport agency serving the city of Barrie as well as the surrounding communities of Angus and Borden. Daily operation of Barrie Transit and Barrie Accessible Community Transportation Service (BACTS) is provided under contract by First Canada.


Barrie Transit Regular Routes
No. Name Departure points Notes
Georgian Mall
Park Place/Georgian Mall Route 1A runs from Park Place to Georgian Mall and route 1B runs vice versa. Also serves Allandale Recreation Centre, Barrie Waterfront (Allandale) GO Station, Barrie Transit Terminal, Bayfield Mall and Kozlov Centre.
Park Place
Park Place/Barrie Transit Terminal Route 2A runs from Park Place to Barrie Transit Terminal and route 2B runs vice versa. Also serves Barrie Transit Terminal, Bayfield Mall and Kozlov Centre.
Barrie South GO/Georgian College Route 3A runs from Painswick Park/Barrie South GO to Georgian College and route 3B runs vice versa. Also serves Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH), Barrie Transit Terminal and Barrie Waterfront (Allandale) GO Station.
East Bayfield
South GO
Barrie South GO/Georgian Mall Route 4A runs from Barrie South GO to Georgian Mall via Coulter St
Sproule at Kraus
Grove at Penetanguishene
Route 5A runs westbound to Grove at Penetanguishene via Wellington St, Collier St, Blake St, Puget St, Napier St, Nelson St, Steel St and Johnson St.
Route 5B eastbound serves Simcoe Plaza on Johnson St, and Heritage Park via Simcoe
Barrie Transit Terminal 6A loops around downtown in a clockwise fashion, 6A loops around downtown in a counterclockwise fashion. Also serves Dunlop St West, Leacock Dr, Livingstone St E/W, Georgian College, Duckworth St and Wellington St.
Bell Farm
Bear Creek
112 Commerce Park Dr/Duckworth at Rose Route 7A runs from 112 Commerce Park Dr to Duckworth at Rose St. and route 7B runs vice versa. Also serves Barrie Transit Terminal, Allandale GO, Holly Community Centre and Bear Creek Secondary School (only during school hours) both ways.
Yonge (SB)
Park Place (North Bound)
Georgian College (Southbound)
Route 8A loops around the City in a counterclockwise/clockwise fashion, northbound to RVH via Essa Road, Anne Street South, and Blake St from Park Place and Southbound to Yonge via Anne St North and Bradford St from Georgian College
8B Crosstown (NB)
Essa (SB)
Park Place (North Bound)
Georgian College (Southbound)
Route 8B loops around City in a clockwise/counterclockwise fashion, northbound to RVH via Yonge St to Anne Street North from Park Place and southbound to Park Place via Blake St and Anne Street North
Angus Borden
Peacekeepers Way
Allandale GO/CFB Borden Route 90A runs from Allandale GO to CFB Borden and route 90B runs vice versa. Also serves Angus. Does not serve downtown. Runs on weekday rush hours only.


(as of May 1st, 2013)

  • Adults: $3.00
  • Seniors(with I.D.) $2.60
  • Pre-School Children: Free
  • Visually Impaired (CNIB card required): Free

Month Passes:

  • Adult Month: $82.40
  • Student Month: $63.85
  • Senior/Child: $54.00
  • Power Pass: $27.55
  • Elementary: $35.50

Georgian College Semester Pass: $247.00

Ride Cards:

  • 2 Ride Card: $5.20
  • 5 Ride Card: $13.00
  • 5 Ride Reduced: $11.50
  • 10 Ride Card: $26.00
  • 10 Ride Reduced: $23.00

Fleet roster[edit]


Barrie Transit Terminal[edit]

Barrie Transit Terminal
Location 24 Maple Avenue, Barrie, ON
Coordinates 44°23′16″N 79°41′26″W / 44.38778°N 79.69056°W / 44.38778; -79.69056Coordinates: 44°23′16″N 79°41′26″W / 44.38778°N 79.69056°W / 44.38778; -79.69056
Owned by City of Barrie
Platforms 12
Bus operators Barrie Transit
GO Transit logo.svg GO Transit
Greyhound Canada
Ontario Northland
Bicycle facilities Bicycle rack
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code GO Transit: BARI
Fare zone 69

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The Barrie Transit Terminal is one of five hubs of the city's transit system as well as the centre for intercity bus connections by GO Transit, Ontario Northland and Greyhound Canada. The building also houses some administration offices.

  • Platform 1: 1A/1B/8B NB
  • Platform 2: 2B/8A NB
  • Platform 3: 3A/3B
  • Platform 4: 4A/5B
  • Platform 5: 4B/5A
  • Platform 6: 6A/6B
  • Platform 7: 7A/8A SB
  • Platform 8: 7B/8B SB
  • Platform 9-12: Inter-City Buses

Other hubs[edit]

Georgian College[edit]

  • Platform 1: 3A/8A SB/8B SB
  • Platform 2: 6A 6B

Park Place[edit]

  • Platform 1: 1A
  • Platform 2: 2A
  • Platform 3: 8A NB
  • Platform 4: 8B NB

Allandale GO[edit]

  • Platform 2: 7A/7B
  • Platform 3: 8A SB
  • Platform 4: 4B
  • Platform 5: 1B
  • Platform 9: 90A/90B
  • Platform 10: 1A/4A/8B NB (Via stop on Essa Road)

Barrie South GO[edit]

  • Platform 3: 3A/8A SB
  • Platform 4: 4A
  • Platform 5: 8B NB


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