Wasaga Beach Transit

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Wasaga Beach Transit
Wasaga Beach Transit logo.png
Founded 2008
Headquarters 30 Lewis Street
Locale Wasaga Beach
Service type bus service
Routes 2 plus Collingwood link
Operator Sinton-Landmark[1]
Website wasagabeach.com/transit

Wasaga Beach Transit is a public transportation system for the resort town of Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada. It was formerly operated by Georgian Coach Lines from 2008 to 2014 and currently contracted to Sinton-Landmark[1] using municipally-owned buses. Service expanded from one route which was started in July, 2008 to two in the summer of 2009, because the bus system grew faster than anyone expected.[2]

Services for Wasaga Beach Transit occur in a loop from the Wasaga Stars Arena to the Real Canadian Superstore every hour from 7 AM to 7 PM. Buses serve the loop eastbound and westbound.Transit service in Wasaga Beach is operated by Georgian Coach Lines, using town-owned buses, under the name Wasaga Beach Transit. The service was started with one route in July 2008, and quickly expanded to two routes in the summer of 2009.[2] Services for Wasaga Beach Transit occur in a loop from the Wasaga Stars Arena in the east to the Real Canadian Superstore in the west every hour from 7 am to 7 pm. There is a transit link between Wasaga Beach and Collingwood that operates on a continuous loop.[3]

When the service was introduced, the town of Wasaga Beach created a contest to help design the logo for the transit service. A logo depicting a sun and a wave with the slogan 'Ride the Wave' was introduced as the contest winner.

Bus routes[edit]

  • Route 1 - Archer to Shopping Centre
  • Route 2 - Wasaga Stars Arena to Shopping Centre
  • Transit Link - Wasaga Beach to Collingwood (no free transfer to the local transit systems)
Wasaga Beach Transit 9103 is one of three buses used for the transit system. 9103 is seen passing Beach 1 (the main beach) in July 2011.


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