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Belleville Transit
Belleville Transit 0458.jpg
Headquarters 400 Coleman Street
Locale Belleville, Ontario
Service type Bus service
Routes 9
Fleet 14 buses
Operator City of Belleville
Website Belleville Transit

Belleville Transit is the public transit operator in Belleville, Ontario, Canada and is one of the services provided by the city's Engineering & Public Works Department. Buses operate between 5:00am and 10:30pm on Monday to Friday, with reduced service on the weekend; from 6:50am to 6:15pm on Saturday and 9:00am to 6:00pm on Sunday. There is no service on statutory holidays.[1]


No. Name Notes
1 Plaza-Dundas Via E. Bridge Street, Belleville General Hospital, Glanmore Museum, and Bayview Mall.
2 Parkwood Heights Via Victoria Avenue and Belleville General Hospital
3 College East Via Jamieson Bone Road industrial corridor.
4 Mall-North Front Via W. College Street, King George Square and Quinte Mall.
5 Parkdale-Mall Via Sidney Street, King George Square, and Quinte Mall.
6 Avondale Via Highland Avenue.
7 Loyalist Via W. Moria Street and Loyalist College.
8 North Park Via Millennium Parkway shopping plazas and King George Square.
9 Quinte Centre Via Yardman Arena and Belleville VIA Station.
10 Loyalist Quinte Mall Via Millennium Parkway Walmart, Quinte Mall and Loyalist College.


  • Loyalist College Extra (second bus added to route 7 during the busy school season)
  • Quinte Mall Extra (runs on select days between the Downtown Bus Terminal and the Quinte Mall)
  • Waterfront Shuttle (for Belleville Waterfront Festival)
  • Loyalist College Charter Bus (Runs Tuesday's from 6pm to midnight. Bus leaves from Loyalist College Residence and makes a stop at Mark's No Frills and The Quinte Mall)
  • On Sept. 8, 2015 Route 10 – a direct new transit route between Loyalist College and the Quinte Mall with access to Sidney Street, Millennium Parkway, Maitland Drive and the Walmart Plaza was added and will run for a one-year trial. The success of this route will be assessed after the trial period, and may be modified or continued, depending upon the results of the assessment.


  • Prices as of July 6, 2009[2]
  • Students of Loyalist College are eligible for a semester pass for $244.00.
Age group Individual Fare 10 Tickets Monthly Pass
Children (Under 4) Free n/a n/a
Children $1.65 $14.40 n/a
Adults $2.25 $20.80 $72.00
(65 years of age and older)
$1.90 $17.30 $50.00
Students $1.90 $17.30 $57.00
Loyalist College Students $2.25 $20.80 $65.00


Active buses[edit]

Belleville Transit 9850.JPG
Make Model Handicapped/disabled access Numbers Notes
NovaBus LFS Yes 0457, 0458, 0559, 0660, 0761, 0862, 0863

Retired buses[edit]

#9147 on Route 6 at the Belleville Terminal on 5th November 2005, was the last bus to operate in the old paint scheme
Make Model Handicapped/disabled access Numbers Notes
GMC School Bus 1-2
Ford School Bus 3
Ford Ford Transit 5, 7, 8, 9 ex Rawson Bus Lines 5, 7, 8, 9
Fitzjohn 310 10, 11 ex Rawson Bus Lines 10, 11
Prevost Car 49-PI-33 12 ex Rawson Bus Lines 12
Fitzjohn 310 13, 14, 15 ex Rawson Bus Lines 13, 14, 15
GMC School Bus 16-17
Mercedes Benz 0319D 18-20
GMC TGH-3102 21
GMC TGH-3501 22, 23, 24
GMC TDH-3502 25
GMC TDH-3501 26 Ex Regina Transit 108
GMDD TDH-4519 26A Ex St.Catharines Transit 46
GMDD T6H-4521 27
GMC TDH-3501 28-29 Ex Cornwall Transit 68-69
GMC TDH-3302N 30, 31, 32
GMDD T6H-5305 31A Ex St.Catharines Transit 52
GMDD T6H-4523N 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 35 renumbered 7536
37 renumbered 7637
38 renumbered 8038
OBI 01.504 41 Renumbered 8341
OBI 01.507 8442, 8543, 8644
MCI TC40-102N 9147
GMDD TC40-102N 0254,0255,0256


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