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For other people with an alternate spelling, see Rachael. For a variation of the name, see Raquel.
Dante's Vision of Rachel and Leah.jpg
The Biblical Rachel and Leah by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
Pronunciation /ˈrəl/ RAY-chəl,
French: [ʁaˈʃɛl]
Gender Female
Word/name Hebrew
Meaning ewe, one with purity
Other names
Nickname(s) Rae Rach
Related names Rachael, Rae, Rahel, Rahela, Raquel, Raye, Ruchel

Rachel (Hebrew: רָחֵל, Standard Raḥel Tiberian Rāḫēl, Rāḥēl‎), Arabic: راحیل, Rāḥīl‎); also spelled Rachael, meaning “ewe”)[1][2] is a feminine given name. The name ranks in the top hundred most popular names for girls in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia as well as in Israel. According to United States Social Security card applications in 2005, the name Rachel ranked 38th out of the top 100 names chosen by parents for their baby girls.[3]


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