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Rachael Harder

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Rachael Harder

Official Opposition Critic for Status of Women
Assumed office
August 30, 2017
LeaderAndrew Scheer
Preceded byRona Ambrose
Member of Parliament
for Lethbridge
Assumed office
October 19, 2015
Preceded byJim Hillyer
Personal details
Born1986 (age 32–33)
Kathyrn, Alberta
Political partyConservative
ResidenceLethbridge, Alberta, Canada[citation needed]
Alma materBriercrest College and Seminary (AA)
University of Lethbridge (BA, BEd)

Rachael Harder MP (born 1986) is a Canadian politician who was elected to represent the riding of Lethbridge in the House of Commons of Canada in the 2015 federal election.[1] Harder is the Shadow Minister for the Status of Women.[2] Harder was reelected to represent Lethbridge in the 2019 Canadian federal election, gaining over 60 per cent of the popular vote. Harder won her seat with over 30,000 more votes than her competitors.[3]

Early Life and Schooling

Harder grew up on a farm in southern Alberta.[4] At the age of eleven, Harder began her own business raising and boarding dogs.[4] While first attending Briercrest College and Seminary in Saskatchewan,[5] Harder graduated with great distinction from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Social Sciences.[4]

Political positions

2019 Canadian Federal Election Campaign and Platform

Harder's Conservative platform included a focus on the expansion of the energy sector, and the completion of pipelines.[6] Issues relating to environment were the end of carbon pricing in Canada, as well as the prohibition of dumping sewage in waterways, such as the West Coast and the St. Lawrence River.[6] Harder also cited crime and the opioid crisis as a major issue to be tackled, as well as an advance of aid to local peace officers.[6]

Criticism of Alberta Public School Teachers

In 2011, Harder told Christian Week that many public school teachers in Alberta encourage sexual experimentation, which Harder believes results in unsafe sexual activities.[7]

Abortion stance

Harder is opposed to abortion, except where necessary to protect the life of the mother [8]. The pro-life organization Campaign Life Coalition gave Harder a near-perfect voting record and she has said that she will "always advocate for the preborn"[9]. She has voted to fund resource centres that provide aid for pregnant women but do not offer abortions, and gave two centres in her riding $12,000 in federal grants[10]. Harder also co-sponsored Bill C-225 in January 2016, which would have made it "an offence to cause injury or death to a preborn child while committing or attempting to commit an offence against a pregnant woman and to add pregnancy as an aggravating circumstance for the purpose of sentencing" [11].

In September 2017, Harder was nominated by Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer to chair the parliamentary committee on the Status of Women. However, MPs from other parties walked out and a vote did not occur due in protest to her pro-life position.[12][13][14][15] Liberal MP Monsef explained that the committee "decided that having their spokesperson, and their chair, be someone who does not support a woman's right to choose, is not supportive a person's rights, is not the best choice".[16]

Criticism of Carbon Pricing in Canada

Harder is opposed to the implementation of the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, stating it will increase household debt and will not be effective in its goal to reduce green house gas emissions.[17] Her critique of Carbon Pricing extends to Canada's involvement in the Paris Accord, stating that the targets are too high for Canada to meet.[18] Harder also is an advocate for higher government transparency with regards to carbon pricing, criticizing the Liberal Party of Canada's fiscal expenditures.[17]

Electoral record

2015 Canadian federal election
Party Candidate Votes % ±% Expenditures
Conservative Rachael Harder 32,321 56.8 +4.29
New Democratic Cheryl Meheden 11,674 20.5 -9.45
Liberal Mike Pyne 10,532 18.5 +9.37
Green Kas MacMillan 1,461 2.6 -1.88
Christian Heritage Geoffrey Capp 746 1.3 -2.27
Rhinoceros Solly Krygier-Paine 209 0.4
Total valid votes/Expense limit 56,943 100.0     $215,495.48
Total rejected ballots 158
Turnout 57,101 69.44%
Eligible voters 82,225
Conservative hold Swing +6.87
Source: Elections Canada[19][20]


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