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Most points by a team in a single match
Score Country Versus Score Date
145  New Zealand  Japan 145–17 1995-06-04
142  Australia  Namibia 142–0 2003-10-24
111  England  Uruguay 111–13 2003-11-02
108  New Zealand  Portugal 108–13 2007-09-15
101  New Zealand  Italy 101–3 1999-10-14
Biggest winning margins
Margin Country Versus Score Date
142  Australia  Namibia 142–0 2003-10-24
128  New Zealand  Japan 145–17 1995-06-04
98  New Zealand  Italy 101–3 1999-10-14
 England  Uruguay 111–13 2003-11-02
95  New Zealand  Portugal 108–13 2007-09-15
Most tries by a team in a single match
Tries Country Versus Score Date
22  Australia  Namibia 142–0 2003-10-24
21  New Zealand  Japan 145–17 1995-06-04
17  England  Uruguay 111–13 2003-11-02
16  New Zealand  Portugal 108–13 2007-09-15
14  New Zealand  Italy 101–3 1999-10-14



Most overall points in final stages
Points Name Country[1] App. Tries Con. Pen. Drop. Tournament(s)
277 Jonny Wilkinson  England 19 1 28 58 14 1999, 2003, 2007,2011
227 Gavin Hastings  Scotland 13 9 39 36 1987, 1991, 1995
195 Michael Lynagh  Australia 15 4 36 33 2 1987, 1991, 1995
Key: App = Appearances. Con = conversions. Pen = penalties. Drop = drop goals.
Most points in one tournament
Points Name Country Tournament
126 Grant Fox  New Zealand 1987
113 Jonny Wilkinson  England 2003
112 Thierry Lacroix  France 1995

Most points in a match by a player


Youngest try scorer in a World Cup game

Most overall tries in final stages

Most tries in one competition

Most tries in a match by a player


Most conversions in one tournament

Most conversions in a match

Penalty goals[edit]

Most overall penalties in final stages

Most penalties in one tournament

Most penalties in a match

Drop goals[edit]

Most overall drop goals in final stages

Most drop goals in one tournament

Most drop goals in a match

Longest drop goal

Most appearances

Oldest player to appear in a World Cup Final

Oldest player to appear in a World Cup match

Youngest player to appear in a World Cup match

Youngest player to appear in a World Cup Final

Youngest player to win a World Cup Final

By tournament[edit]

Year Top points scorers Top try scorers Team records

*126Grant Fox New Zealand
 82Michael Lynagh Australia
 62Gavin Hastings Scotland

6Craig Green New Zealand
6John Kirwan New Zealand

Most points in a match 74  New Zealand (74-13 v Fiji)
Biggest winning margin 64  New Zealand (70-6 v Italy)
Most tries in a match 13  France (70-12 v Zimbabwe)

68Ralph Keyes Ireland
66Michael Lynagh Australia
61Gavin Hastings Scotland

6David Campese Australia
6Jean-Baptiste Lafond France

Most points in a match 55  Ireland (55-11 v Zimbabwe)
Biggest winning margin 44  Ireland (55-11 v Zimbabwe)
 Japan (52-8 v Zimbabwe)
Most tries in a match 6  France (33-9 v Fiji)

112Thierry Lacroix France
104Gavin Hastings Scotland
 84Andrew Mehrtens New Zealand

8Jonah Lomu New Zealand
7Marc Ellis New Zealand

Most points in a match *145 145 –  New Zealand
17– Japan
Biggest winning margin 128
Most tries in a match 21

102Gonzalo Quesada Argentina
101Matt Burke Australia
 97Jannie de Beer South Africa

*8Jonah Lomu New Zealand Most points in a match 101  New Zealand (101-3 v Italy)
 England (101-10 v Tonga)
Biggest winning margin 98  New Zealand (101-3 v Italy)
Most tries in a match 14  New Zealand (101-3 v Italy)

113Jonny Wilkinson England
101Frédéric Michalak France
100Elton Flatley Australia

7Doug Howlett New Zealand
7Mils Muliaina New Zealand

Most points in a match 142 142–  Australia
0– Namibia
Biggest winning margin *142
Most tries in a match *22

105Percy Montgomery South Africa
91Felipe Contepomi Argentina
67Jonny Wilkinson England

*8Bryan Habana South Africa Most points in a match 108 108 –  New Zealand
13– Portugal
Biggest winning margin 95
Most tries in a match 16

62Morné Steyn South Africa
52James O'Connor Australia
45Kurt Morath Tonga

6Chris Ashton England
6Vincent Clerc France

Most points in a match 87 87–  South Africa
0– Namibia
Biggest winning margin 87
Most tries in a match 12  New Zealand (79-15 v Canada)
 South Africa (87-0 v Namibia)
 Wales (81-7 v Namibia)

A * denotes a record across all tournaments


Winning coaches[edit]

Each coach to have won the World Cup to date has been a national of the country he coached to the title. In the case of England, which is part of the United Kingdom and also one of the four Home Nations within the context of rugby, their Cup-winning coach was also an Englishman.

Winning captains[edit]


Note that under the current points system of rugby union, and assuming that all individual scores had been the same, France would have beaten Scotland 23-22 in the 1987 match.

Nil points[edit]


  • The record for the city that has been a part of most Rugby World Cups is currently three and is shared by three cities that hosted matches in 1991, 1999 and 2007Cardiff, Edinburgh and Toulouse. If the definition of "city" includes its metropolitan area, Paris has also hosted matches in the same tournaments. The city of Paris hosted matches in 1991, its adjacent suburb of Saint-Denis hosted matches in 1999, and both cities hosted matches in 2007. In 2015, Cardiff will become the first city to participate in a fourth tournament.


  • Three match-ups have occurred twice in the same World Cup:
    • 2007 Argentina defeated France in the opening match 17-12, and went on to beat them 34-10 in the third place playoff.
    • 2007 South Africa beat England 36-0 in the group stages, and went on to play them in the Final, winning 15-6.
    • 2011 New Zealand defeated France 37-17 in the group stages, and went on to play them in the Final, winning 8-7.
  • Two nations have reached a Rugby World Cup Final having previously lost a game in that tournament: England in 1991 and 2007, and France in 2011, being the only team to reach the final having lost two games.
  • The teams involved in the most World Cup opening matches are Argentina and New Zealand. The Pumas participated in the first three World Cup openers of the professional era — losing to Wales and Australia in 1999 and 2003 respectively, and defeating France in 2007. The All Blacks defeated Italy in 1987, England in 1991, and Tonga in 2011.
  • No player scored a conversion in a Rugby World Cup Final between Matt Burke of Australia in 1999 and François Trinh-Duc of France in 2011. Both Jonny Wilkinson and Elton Flatley failed with their sole conversion attempts in 2003, and no tries were scored in 2007's final.


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