Regions of Eswatini

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Regions of Eswatini
Also known as:
Historic Divisions of Swaziland
Swaziland, administrative divisions - Nmbrs - monochrome.svg
Subdivisions1 - Hhohho
2 - Manzini
3 - Lubombo
4 - Shiselweni
Sub-divisions: Tinkhundla, and sub-sub-divisions: Imiphakatsi

Eswatini (former Swaziland) is divided into four regions: Hhohho, Lubombo, Manzini, and Shiselweni. Each region is further divided into tinkhundla. There are 55 tinkhundla in Swaziland and each elects one representative to the House of Assembly of Eswatini. Tinkhundla are, in turn, divided into smaller imiphakatsi.

ISO 3166-2:SZ Map Key
Region # Region Capital Area
(km2) [1]
(2007 census)
1 Hhohho Mbabane 3,625.17 282,734
2 Manzini Manzini 4,093.59 319,530
3 Lubombo Siteki 5,849.11 207,731
4 Shiselweni Nhlangano 3,786.71 208,454