Rim Rock Wind Farm

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Rim Rock Wind Farm is located near Cut Bank, Montana. Owned by NaturEner, this $370-million-dollar wind farm has been operational since 2012 and has 126 turbines, making it Montana's largest wind-producing site.[1]

This project was created and funded by NaturEner Energy.[2] The construction of the wind farm began in October 2011, and operation began in December 2012. There are 126 Acciona AW77 wind turbines, operating at 1.5 MW each.[3] This is NaturEner's third project in the United States, and contributes nearly half of NaturEner's energy produced. The energy harnessed is used to power approximately 60,000 homes in Toole and Glacier counties in Montana, as well as in California.[4]

In December 2013, San Diego Gas & Electric filed a lawsuit against NaturEner, claiming that NaturEner hid the possibility that nearby eagles would be harmed by the wind farm.[5] NaturEner in turn filed a lawsuit against the state utility, claiming that the utility wanted out of the contract not benefiting the utility. Justices of the Montana Supreme Court ruled that the issues of one of the contracts would have to be resolved in Californian courts (and not Montana courts). No further announcements on the case have been made.


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