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Scarborough Beach, Redcliffe.jpg
Scarborough Beach
Population8,705 (2016 census)[1]
LGA(s)Moreton Bay Region
RegionSouth East Queensland
State electorate(s)Redcliffe
Federal Division(s)Petrie
Suburbs around Scarborough:
Deception Bay Deception Bay Moreton Bay
Deception Bay Scarborough Moreton Bay
Newport Redcliffe Moreton Bay

Scarborough is a coastal residential suburb on the Redcliffe Peninsula in the north of the Brisbane metropolitan area in Queensland, Australia. It falls within the Moreton Bay Region local government area.[2] Along with its neighbouring coastal suburbs on the Redcliffe Peninsula, the suburb is a popular recreational destination within the Brisbane metropolitan area.


Beach and cliffs at Scarborough

Scarborough is at the northernmost of the Redcliffe peninsula, approximately 30 kilometres (19 mi) north-northeast of Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland, Australia.


Land sub-division occurred when Scarborough was part of Humpy Bong, Redcliffe. In August 1878 land in the new marine township of Scarborough went to auction, postponed some months until completion of the Scarborough Hotel, in order that perspective purchasers could obtain accommodation in the township while examining the allotments. Advertisements described the beach as "unsurpassed in Australia, having splendid stretches of pure hard sand, perfectly innocent of mud or mangrove. .... a distinctive feature at this northern or Scarborough end should be recognised in the highly interesting chain of crescent-shaped bays, the waters of which wash the township cliffs, affording sheltered coves for boating purposes...”[3][4]

In 1882, the proprietors of the re-surveyed town of Scarborough offered for auction, with no reserve, the remaining 250 allotments, advertising in great detail the attractions of the area. These included the "abundance of schnapper, whiting, turtle, crabs, oysters, etc awaiting capture."[5][6] In 1884, land from Queen's Beach "adjoins to and forms part of the property reserved for the Hon S.W. Griffith [Samuel Griffith] for the purpose of building a seaside residence" was advertised.[7][8] In 1886, land from " late marine residence of Dr Hobbs"- his house standing on three of the 295 allotments - was offered for sale.[9] Free steamer travel, departing from Howard Smith wharves was provided on the day, Easter Monday, 16 April 1886.[10]

In 1900–1901, allotments in the Moreton Bay Estate were advertised for sale.[11][12] In the 1920s, further sales, with land north of the Redcliffe Jetty [1920],[13] in the Walsh Estate [1927],[14] and the Sea Breeze Estate [1929][15] occurred, with Silvesters, a house and land agent at Adelaide Street, Brisbane, arranging sales into the 1930s, producing an annotated map showing the location of vacant land and the asking prices.[16][17] However, it was with the opening in 1935 of the Hornibrook Highway, linking the area north of Hay's Inlet to Brisbane, that lead to the rapid growth in this area.

Estate map of Hobbs Homestead Estate, 1886

The suburb used to act as a gateway to Moreton Island via the Combie Trader barge, but this service ceased in July 2008 due to matters with the terminal and landing areas.

In the 2011 census, Scarborough recorded a population of 7,986 people.[18]

Attractions and features[edit]

The suburb is known for its thriving seafood industry centred upon the Scarborough Boat Harbour. Scarborough Beach is one of a number of sandy beaches along its eastern coastline, with its Scarborough Beach Park awarded the "Queensland's Friendliest Beach" in 2003[19] and "Australia's Friendliest Beach" in 2004.

The main street of Scarborough, Landsborough Avenue, is a popular location for families and day visitors from Brisbane with numerous cafés. Part of the reason for its popularity is its overlooking views to Moreton Island across Moreton Bay, and quieter ambience compared to the Redcliffe central business district. Children enjoy the themed playground and its large cottonwood trees.

The point of Scarborough is home to Scarborough Marina and Scarborough Holiday Village, while further around the bay is Newport Marina.


Educational institutions within the suburb of Scarborough are Scarborough State School with an enrolment of more than 860,[20] Southern Cross Catholic College's Scarborough primary (prep to 6), and De La Salle campuses(years 7 to 12). Part of the De La Salle campus has been converted into the Australian Technical College.

In popular culture[edit]

Parts of the movie Scooby-Doo were filmed at Queens Beach in Scarborough; the majority of the movie was filmed at Tangalooma Resort at Moreton Island.


In the 2011 census, Scarborough recorded a population of 7,986 people, 52.3% female and 47.7% male.[18]

The median age of the Scarborough population was 45 years, 8 years above the national median of 37.

71.3% of people living in Scarborough were born in Australia. The other top responses for country of birth were England 8.3%, New Zealand 5.8%, Scotland 1.1%, South Africa 0.8%, Netherlands 0.8%.

90.5% of people spoke only English at home; the next most common languages were 0.6% German, 0.5% Dutch, 0.4% Russian, 0.4% French, 0.4% Italian.



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