Serbian Guard

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Serbian Guard
Српска гарда
Active 1991–1992
Country Flag of Serbia (1992-2004).svg Serbia
Type Paramilitary organization
Garrison/HQ Bor
Engagements Croatian War
Disbanded Yes
Commander Đorđe "Giška" Božović

The Serbian Guard (Serbian: Српска гарда/Srpska garda) was a Serbian paramilitary active in the Croatian War with close ties to the Serbian Renewal Movement (SPO). Eighty percent of the guard's members were members of the SPO.[1] The paramilitary was formed by SPO official Vuk Drašković and his wife Danica Drašković, along with Đorđe Božović "Giška" and Branislav Matić "Beli".[2]

The paramilitary unit's training camp was located near Bor Lake in SR Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia.[2] It participated in clashes on the territory of SR Croatia near the town of Gospić.[3] Elements of the unit also participated in the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina.[4] Đorđe Božović was the unit's first commander, but was killed in action near Gospić.[5] Some people have alleged that Božović's death was an act of "friendly fire" orchestrated by the Republic of Serbian Krajina's government.[6] The unit's chief financier Branislav Matić was gunned down in August 1991 in Belgrade.[7]

Serbian general Nebojša Pavković has called for Drašković to be tried for his role in the guard's formation.[8]

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