Shenyang WS-20

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Type High-bypass turbofan
National origin People's Republic of China
Manufacturer Shenyang Liming Aircraft Engine Company
Major applications Y-20
Developed from WS-10

The WS-20 (Chinese: 涡扇-20; pinyin: Wōshàn-20; literally: "turbofan-20") is a high-bypass turbofan being developed to power the Y-20 strategic airlifter, based on the core of the low-bypass turbofan Shenyang WS-10A.[1]

With a thrust range of 12,000–14,000 kilograms-force (120,000–140,000 N; 26,000–31,000 lbf), the WS-20 has been flying on an Il-76 test aircraft since 2014,[2] and is projected to enter production in 2016.[3]


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