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Soviet Civil Administration
Советская зона оккупации Кореи
(Sovetskatya zona okkupatsii Koryei)
소련 민정청
Military occupation


Location of northern Korea
Capital Pyongyang
Government Military occupation
 •  1945 - 1946 Andrei Alekseevich Romanenko[3]
 •  1946 Nikolai Georgiyevich Lebedev (ru)[2]
 •  Succeeds People's Republic of Korea 3 October 1945
 •  Provisional People's Committee for North Korea established February 1946
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Korea under Japanese rule
Provisional People's Committee for North Korea
Part of a series on the
History of North Korea
Emblem of Emblem of North Korea
Soviet Civil Administration 1945–46
Provisional People's Committee for North Korea 1946–48
Kim Il-sung's rule 1948–94
 Korean War 1950–53
 Korean DMZ Conflict 1966–69
 Juche 1972
 Death and state funeral of Kim Il-sung 1994
Kim Jong-il's rule 1994–2011
 North Korean famine 1994–98
 Songun 1998
 Sunshine Policy 1998–2010
 Six-party talks 2003
 ROKS Cheonan sinking 2010
 Death and state funeral of Kim Jong-il 2011
Kim Jong-un's rule 2011–present
 State Affairs Commission 2016
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The Soviet Civil Administration (SCA) functioned as the occupying government of northern Korea from October 3, 1945 until the setup of the Provisional People's Committee for North Korea in 1946. It was the administrative structure that the Soviet Union used to govern what would become North Korea following the division of Korea. Terentii Shtykov was the main proponent of setting up a centralized structure to coordinate Korean People's Committees. The setup was officially recommended by General Ivan Chistiakov and headed by General Andrei Romanenko in 1945 and General Nikolai Lebedev in 1946.[4]

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