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This is a list of Barbie's friends and family.

Barbie family and other principal characters[edit]

  • Barbara Millicent "Barbie" Roberts (1959–present) Described as a "Teen Age Fashion Model" on the original packaging. According to the Random House books, the character's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.
  • George Roberts (1960–present) He is an engineer. He has a wife named Margaret and children: Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, Todd, Chelsea, Kelly, and Krissy. A book character, he has not been issued in doll form.
  • Margaret Rawlins Roberts (1960–present) Margaret is the mother of Barbie and her various siblings. She is a homemaker. She has an older sister named Millicent. A book character, she has not been issued in doll form.
  • Kenneth "Ken" Carson (1961–1967, 1969–present) The second character added to the line, Ken has been Barbie's boyfriend for much of the character's existence. After a short break, they got back together. According to the 1960s Random House books, Ken's full name is Kenneth Carson. In Barbie Fashion Comic #34 (1993), Ken's mother is named Edna. In Barbie Fashion Comic #52 (1995), Edna's father is named Kenneth. In Brazil in the 1980s, the Estrela company named the doll Bob instead of Ken (from the book, Barbie Doll Around the World).
  • Skipper Roberts (1964–2003, 2010–present) The first character added to Barbie's family, Skipper is Barbie's 14-year-old younger sister. She was first introduced with blue eyes and a variety of hair colors like blonde and brown. She is a main character in the "Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse" series. In the series, she has been remodeled as a teenager with brown hair and a purple streak.
  • Tutti and Todd (1965–1971) Twins, both Tutti and Todd were younger siblings of Barbie and Skipper, and had seamless 'bendy' bodies. Tutti's packaging did not mention Todd, but many sets were made for both. The two were only sold together in one set.
  • Anastasia 'Stacie' (1990–present) Introduced as Kelly in the 2005 December 30 Wedding Day Midge gift set as the flower girl, this doll is often confused with Tutti, though the Tutti character had been discontinued for years at this time. Kelly was renamed Stacie shortly thereafter, and the Kelly name was used for a younger character. Todd's packaging did say "Twin Brother of Stacie."
  • Francie Fairchild (1966–1977) Marketed as "Barbie's Modern Cousin," Francie paved the way for Barbie's transition into the MOD era. Francie appeared to be only slightly younger than Barbie, and had a much less shapely figure. The Francie doll was the first to feature rooted eyelashes. In the March 1966 issue of Barbie Magazine, she is the daughter of Claude and Lily Fairchild.
  • Jazzie (1988–1992) Another cousin of Barbie and part of a small group of high school age dolls.
  • Kelly/Shelly Roberts (1995–present) This character is of toddler age, and is a sister to Barbie. Originally the baby of the family, in Europe, she is known as Shelly. Kelly dolls ceased production in late 2010 and were replaced by Chelsea. Excluding a brief period when the design of the Kelly doll was changed to have an oval-shaped head, larger eyes, and longer limb, Kelly dolls have stayed true to their original design. A doll named Kelly was introduced in 1992 as part of the Midge and Allan Wedding Day Set, this Kelly doll is 7 1/2 inches tall, exactly the same size as the ring bearer, Todd, who is wearing a Tux. She is wearing a peach dotted Swiss dress and carries a white basket of flowers as she is the flower girl. This "Kelly" was later renamed and turned into the Stacie doll. The Todd doll which is made from the same mold has fuzzy brown hair. Chelsea's name, "Kelly" is mentioned in the web series, Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse.
  • Chelsea, Barbie's younger sister. She replaced Kelly. She appears to be approximately 5–6 years old and is slightly taller than Kelly. The doll was first produced in 2011 as part of the "My Fab Sisters" line. She is the youngest sister of Barbie currently sold (Mattel discontinued Kelly shortly before Chelsea was produced). She has blonde hair and blue eyes (very similar to Kelly). Mattel has also made African American versions of Chelsea. She is a main character in the "Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse" series.
  • Kristine "Krissy" Roberts (1998–2001) This character is an infant, and is Barbie's sibling. Released as a set with Barbie and Ken (1999).
  • Blaine Gordon (2004) Barbie's Australian ex-boyfriend, whom she dated during her much-publicized "breakup" with the Ken character. Blaine is said to be the brother of Summer, one of Barbie's friends. Blaine does not show in any of the Barbie series.
  • Millicent Rawlins is Barbie's aunt and Margaret's sister. Her first appearance was in Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale.
  • Lillian Roberts Fairchild is Francie's mother, Barbie's aunt, George's sister and Margaret's sister-in-law.
  • Claude Fairchild is Francie's father, Barbie's uncle and Margaret and George's brother-in-law.
  • Marlene Roberts is Barbie's aunt, George's sister and Margaret's sister-in-law.
  • Grandmother is Barbie's grandmother and Margaret Roberts' mother. She passed her love of reading onto Barbie. She is encouraging and supportive of her granddaughter. She gave Barbie a book to read that Barbie related to. Her first appearance is in Barbie and the Secret Door as Alexa's grandmother. Note: Alexa is Barbie's Role in Barbie and the Secret Door. She also appears in The Great Puppy Adventure as herself.
  • Max and Marie Roberts are the twin children of Marlene Roberts. Cousins of Barbie and her siblings. Niece and nephew of Margaret Roberts and George Roberts. Showed up in Barbie: A Pony Tale.
  • Kristen Rawlins is a cousin of Barbie, appearing in the picture book, The Wedding Party.

Current Barbie-sized female friends[edit]

  • Midge Hadley Sherwood (1963–1966, 1988–present) This character was Barbie's best friend according to promotional materials and packaging. She was the third character introduced to the Barbie line, following Barbie and Ken. In the Random House novels, her last name is Hadley. She was paired with Allan Sherwood, Ken's best friend, when Allan was introduced in 1964. After she married Allan/Alan in 1991, she became Midge Hadley Sherwood. In the 1990s Price Stern Sloan series Adventures with Barbie, she and Alan are married, and in book 5, The Phantom of Shrinking Pond, by Suzanne Weyn, copyright 1992, it's implied that she is named after her Aunt Margaret (not the same person as Margaret Roberts). She is named Viky in Brazil (from the book Barbie Doll Around the World, by J. Michael Augustyniak, copyright 2008 Collector Books). In 2013, she was brought back in the "Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse" web series. In the series, she undergoes a makeover to look more modern, though the character tends to act like she is still in the 1960s. There is no mention of Allan/Alan in the series.
  • Christie (1968–2005 2015–present) Barbie doll's first African-American friend character, Christie was part of the new group of Talking dolls for 1968. Christie was later issued as a Twist 'N Turn version. The character appeared in the product line continuously for many years, though the original Christie face sculpt was discontinued in 1978. Christie is notable in that she has been romantically linked with several different male characters over the years. In 1970, she was linked with Brad, the Talking Brad doll even said "Christie is the greatest". In 1982, the Sunsational Malibu Christie doll had a boyfriend named Ken who used the Brad face sculpt with rooted hair. In the late 80s, Christie was paired with Steven. The surname O'Neill is associated with the Nikki character, who is purported to be Christie's sister, but the surname has not been associated directly with Christie.
  • Teresa (1988–present; Barbie's best friend) Originally used the 1983 Spanish Barbie face sculpt for the Island Fun Teresa doll and the Beach Blast Teresa doll. Starting with the Wet 'N Wild Teresa doll, the character began using the 1972 Steffie face sculpt. Beginning with the Rollerblade Teresa doll, the character began using an all-new face sculpt that has become known as the Teresa face sculpt. In the Grolier book High Sea Adventure from 1999, her last name is Rivera. She is currently known as one of Barbie's friends. She is named Debora in Brazil (from the book Barbie Doll Around the World, by J. Michael Augustyniak, copyright 2008 Collector Books). She starred in the web series "Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse".
  • Summer Gordon (2004–present) This doll used an all-new face sculpt. Summer is Blaine's little sister with strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes. She is a frequent character in the web series Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. She is supposedly from Australia, but she does not have an Australian accent when she speaks in the show.
  • Nikki (2006–present) This doll appears as one of Barbie's current friends. Her last name is O'Neil in a collection of short stories published by Random House in 2010. The book is "Barbie/I Can be a Movie Star" and the story is "A Dream Come True" by Alison Inches. Nikki is Christie's little sister. Nikki was introduced in 1997 as part of the "Teen Skipper" line. She is a frequent character in the web series Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse.
  • Raquelle (2007–present) This doll used the Summer face sculpt. In 2011, she debuted with an all-new face sculpt in the Barbie Fashionistas line with a Caucasian appearance, and later the character took on a more Asian appearance. Her new face is often used on Asian dolls, such as the Asian "I Can Be President" doll. She is mixed race Asian-American. She is Barbie's frenemy as shown in Barbie: A Fairy Secret and her web series Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse.
  • Grace (2009–present) This doll made its first appearance in the 2009 SIS Line, she used to be a friend of Barbie who moves to Chicago and makes new Friends. She also appears in A Fashion Faitytale. In 2014 she moves back to Malibu. Her backstory is reboothed when she starts appearing in Life in the Dreamhouse. She is very smart and interested in science.

Barbie's friends[edit]

Left: Walk Lively Steffie, from 1972. Right: Free Moving PJ, from 1974. The Steffie face sculpt was used for decades, for several different Barbie-related Mattel dolls. Her eye colour, hairstyle and hair colour changed as well.
  • Stacey (1968–1971) Introduced as "Barbie's British chum" during the musical British Invasion of the USA, Stacey first appeared with long hair, either blonde, brunette, or redhead, tied in a side ponytail. A second edition had much shorter hair, styled in a curly flip. It is the Stacey face sculpt that is used for Malibu Barbie.
  • PJ (1969–1983) Fully representing the "groovy", "hippie" era of the late 1960s, PJ originally appeared using Midge's face sculpt, but with much longer hair, tied into beaded pigtails. In 1972, with PJ's addition to the Malibu Barbie line (consisting at that time of Barbie, Ken, Skipper, and Francie), she changed to the Steffie face sculpt, which continued until the end of her production. She was billed as Barbie's best friend, again replacing Midge. One of the final iterations of the doll, "Dream Date PJ", erroneously lists her as Barbie's cousin. It is the only such reference, and should not be considered canon.
  • Steffie (1972) Although only three versions of Steffie were produced, all of which appeared in 1972, her face sculpt was used for several Barbie-family dolls for decades after, primarily the PJ doll. Some Barbies of that era, issued outside the USA, use the Steffie face sculpt. It should be noted that, in at least one Mattel advertisement from 1972, Busy Steffie is pictured, but is referred to as "Busy PJ", indicating that, even though Barbie fans refer to her as having the Steffie face sculpt, it is actually Steffie that has the PJ face sculpt. However, because PJ had used the Midge face sculpt for three years prior, Steffie was the first Mattel doll to use it as her only face sculpt, hence the name "Steffie face".
  • Kira/Miko (Marina in Europe) (1985–2001-2004) Barbie doll's first Asian friend character, The first apareance was in the line of Tropical Barbie in 1985 as Miko. Kira was later issued with several names, as Dana in Barbie and the rockers,as Becky in the Barbie and the sensations, as Nikki in the line of Animal Lovin'. The character appeared in the product line continuously for many years, the original Kira/Oriental face sculpt was created in 1980.

Real-world celebrity and movie character doll friends[edit]

Skipper's friends[edit]

  • Skooter (1965–1968, 1975–1976) Skipper's first female friend.
  • Ricky (1965–1967) Skipper's first male friend (sometimes referred to as Skipper's first "boyfriend").
  • Fluff (1971–1972) Skipper's playmate.
  • Tiff (1972–1973) Skipper's tomboy friend.
  • Ginger (1975) Friend of "Growing Up Skipper".
  • Scott (1980) Skipper's Husband
  • Courtney (1989–2001) Skipper's best friend.
  • Kevin (1990–1995) Skipper's cool teen boyfriend.
  • Nikki (1997–2001) Skipper's first African-American friend.

Tutti's and Todd's friends[edit]

  • Chris (1967–68, 1976–77) This doll was a male character doll, with a different face sculpt from Tutti and Todd.
  • Carla (European release only, 1976) An African-American character doll.[2]

Stacie's friends[edit]

  • Janet (1994–2006) was an African-American character doll
  • Whitney (1994–2006) was a Hispanic character doll.

Chelsea's friends[edit]

  • Tommy (1997) — This character is Ken's little brother.
  • Melody Hadley (1996) — This name was also used for a Heart Family cousin in 1988. She is named Susie in Europe.
  • Lorena (1996)
  • Jenny (1996)
  • Keeya (1998)
  • Marisa (1998)
  • Deidre (1998)
  • Maria (1999)
  • Tamika (1999)
  • Nia — This name was used for a friend of Barbie's in 1990.
  • Kayla (1999, 2007) — This name was also used for an adult character in the 1990s and 2000s.
  • Liana (1999)
  • Desiree (1999)
  • Belinda (1999) — This name was also used for a friend of Barbie's in 1988.
  • Nikki (2001) — This name was also used for a friend of Skipper's in 1997 and currently a friend of Barbie.
  • Ryan (2001) — Became part of the Happy Family Show in 2010. This name was also used for Raquelle's brother and Barbie's friend in 2013 for "Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse" .
  • Kerstie (2003)
  • Gia (2006)
  • Tori (2007) — This name was also used for a friend of Barbie's in 1999.
  • Miranda (2007)
  • Whitney — This name was also used for a friend of Barbie's in the 1980s
  • Becky — This name was also used for a friend of Barbie's in 1997 and for a friend of Francie's in 2009.
  • Lola — Nicki's little sister
  • Johnny — This was one of Chelsea's Hawaiian friends.
  • Darrin — One of Chelsea's soccer friends

Francie's friends[edit]

  • Casey (1967–70)
  • Becky (2009)

Jazzie's friends[edit]

  • Dude (boyfriend – 1989) This doll was made from the 1986 Barbie And The Rockers Derek face sculpt.
  • Chelsie (1989) This doll was made from the 1979 Starr friend Tracey face sculpt.
  • Stacie (1989) This doll was made from the 1972 Steffie face sculpt, and was an African-American character doll.

Ken's family and friends[edit]

  • Allan Sherwood (1964–1965, 1991, 2002) This character has been revived several times. Allan started out as "Ken's Buddy" and was paired with the Midge doll from the beginning. In 1991, a line of dolls was created depicting a wedding for Alan and Midge. Later, a family-themed line of dolls, much like the earlier Heart Family, had the two characters raising a family (see list below of characters from this line).
  • Brad (1970) This African-American male doll was available in two versions: Talking Brad and Brad With Bendable Legs. He was made from an all-new face sculpt that is known as the Brad face sculpt. The Brad character was introduced as a boyfriend for the Christie character.
  • Curtis (1975) This African-American male character is virtually identical to Brad, and was available as only one version, 1975 Free Moving Curtis. Curtis was the boyfriend of the Free Moving Cara doll.
  • Todd (1983) This doll was only available as a groom character, paired with the Tracy character from the same year. This Todd doll used the 1978 SuperStar Ken face sculpt.
  • Steven (boyfriend of Christie, 1988–present. Linked with Barbie's friend Nikki since 2007) This doll has been in the lineup intermittently over the years, and has used several different face sculpts during that time.
  • Tommy (1997) was Ken's little brother.
  • Derek (1985) was never advertised as a friend of Ken's, but was a member of Barbie And The Rockers along with Ken and the four female band members listed above.
  • Kurt (2005) new Fashion Fever friend of Barbie; first male doll in this line; Tango Ken/ Blaine face sculpt
  • Ryan (2012–present) is Raquelle's twin brother and Ken's rival. He is a main character in the "Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse" series, who has a thing for Barbie. Therefore, he competes with Ken for affection.

Shani's friends[edit]

When first introduced, the Shani line of dolls existed outside of the Barbie character continuity. After a couple of years the Shani character was introduced into the Barbie line.

  • Asha (1991–1994)
  • Nichelle (1991–1994)
  • Jamal (boyfriend – 1992–1994)

The Heart Family (friends of Barbie)[edit]

  • Dad Heart (1985)
  • Mom Heart (1985)
  • Alyson Heart (1985)
  • Matthew Heart (1985)
  • Maya Heart (1987)
  • Grandma Heart (1987)
  • Grandpa Heart (1987)


  • Honey (1989)
  • Janet (1988)
  • Kenny (1988)
  • Kevin (1988)
  • Melody (1988)
  • Nellie (1988)
  • Hanna (1988)
  • Pearl (2004)


  • Daria (1989) sold with a desk
  • Darrin (1989) sold with a desk
  • Dwane (1989) sold with a desk
  • Gian (1989) sold with a desk
  • Gillian (1989) sold with a giraffe
  • Nikita (1993) sold only in India
  • Pleasance (1989) sold with a pony
  • Sunny (1993) sold only in India
  • Susan (1993) sold only in India
  • Tawny (1989) sold with a tricycle
  • Windy (1989) sold with a wagon

Midge and Alan's Family[edit]

From Happy Family Playline Series

  • Ryan Sherwood (Midge and Alan's son, 2002)
  • Nicole "Nikki" Sherwood (Midge and Alan's daughter, 2003)
  • Cassandra Sherwood (Midge and Alan's daughter, 2004)
  • Grandma Hadley (Midge's mother, 2004)
  • Grandpa Hadley (Midge's father, 2004)
  • Samantha the Puppy (2004)

S.I.S./So In Style characters[edit]

The S.I.S./So In Style characters are largely unrelated to the Barbie character continuity, except for text on the packaging that describes the Grace character moving to Chicago, away from her friend Barbie in Malibu.

  • Grace (friend of Barbie, 2009); According to marketing materials, the Grace character enjoys cheerleading and is interested in science. Grace is the cousin of Christie, Nikki, Janet, Deidra, and Shawnee.
  • Alaina (Chelsea-sized "little sister" of Grace, 2009); According to marketing materials, the Alaina character is tomboy-ish and is interested in science.
  • Courtney (Chelsea-sized "little sister" of Grace, 2009)
  • Kara (friend of Grace, 2009); According to marketing materials, the Kara character enjoys music and is interested in math.
  • Kianna (Chelsea-sized "little sister" of Kara, 2009)
  • Trichelle (friend of Grace, 2009); According to marketing materials, the Trichelle character enjoys art and is interested in journalism.
  • Janessa (Chelsea-sized "little sister" of Trichelle, 2009)
  • Chandra (friend of Grace, 2010); According to marketing materials, the Chandra character enjoys drama/dance and is interested in history.
  • Zahara (Chelsea-sized "little sister" of Chandra, 2010)
  • Darren (boyfriend of Grace, 2010); According to marketing Graceaceterials, the Darren character enjoys football and making movies, and is interested in history.
  • Julian (Chelsea-sized "little brother" of Darren, 2010)
  • Marisa (friend of Grace, 2011); first latina character from S.I.S.


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