State Administration of Work Safety

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The State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS; Chinese: 国家安全生产监督管理总局), reporting to the State Council, is the non-ministerial agency of the Government of the People's Republic of China responsible for the regulation of risks to occupational safety and health in China.

List of Directors[edit]

  • Li Yizhong (李毅中): February 2005 – March 2008
  • Wang Jun (王君): March 2008 – November 2008
  • Luo Lin (骆琳): December 2008 – December 2012
  • Yang Dongliang: December 2012 – August 2015 (fired; convicted of corruption and sentenced to 15 years in prison)
  • Yang Huanning: 14 October 2015 – July 2017 (fired)[1]


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