Tekkiye Mosque

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Tekkiye Mosque
التكية السليمية
Takiyya as-Süleimaniyya Mosque 01.jpg
Basic information
Location Syria Damascus, Syria
Geographic coordinates 33°30′45″N 36°17′29″E / 33.51250°N 36.29139°E / 33.51250; 36.29139Coordinates: 33°30′45″N 36°17′29″E / 33.51250°N 36.29139°E / 33.51250; 36.29139
Affiliation Islam
Region Levant
Status Active
Architectural description
Architect(s) Mimar Sinan
Architectural type Mosque Complex
Architectural style Ottoman architecture
Completed 1544-1558/59 The mosque
1566-67 Al-Salimiyah Madrasa
Minaret(s) 2
Materials Stone, marble, mosaic

The Tekkiye Mosque or Sultan Selim Mosque (Arabic: التكية السليمانية‎, Turkish: Tekkiye Camii) is a mosque complex in Damascus, Syria, located on the banks of the Barada River.[1] The complex is composed of a large mosque on the southwest side of a courtyard, flanked by a single line of arcaded cells, and a soup kitchen across the courtyard to the northwest, flanked by hospice buildings.[2] The mosque has two minarets and walls with alternating light and dark stripes. It has been described as "The finest example in Damascus of Ottoman architecture".[2][3] It is the burial place of the last Ottoman sultan, Mehmet VI.



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