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Gosick vol 1.jpg
Cover of Gosick volume 1 as published by Fujimi Shobo featuring the two protagonists, Victorique de Blois and Kazuya Kujō
GenreDetective, Historical drama, Romance
Light novel
Written byKazuki Sakuraba
Illustrated byHinata Takeda
Published byFujimi Shobo
English publisher
Tokyopop (formerly)
ImprintFujimi Mystery Bunko
Original runDecember 10, 2003July 23, 2011
Volumes9 (List of volumes)
Light novel
Written byKazuki Sakuraba
Illustrated byHinata Takeda
Published byKadokawa Shoten
ImprintKadokawa Beans Bunko
Original runJuly 15, 2005May 25, 2011
Volumes4 (List of volumes)
Written byKazuki Sakuraba
Illustrated bySakuya Amano
Published byFujimi Shobo
MagazineMonthly Dragon Age
Original runJanuary 2008May 2012
Volumes8 (List of volumes)
Gosick W
Written byKazuki Sakuraba
Illustrated byMoriki Takeshi
Published byKadokawa Shoten
MagazineComp Ace
Original runJanuary 2011December 2011
Anime television series
Directed byHitoshi Nanba
Produced byJunka Kobayashi
Yoshikazu Beniya
Written byMari Okada
Music byKōtarō Nakagawa
Licensed by
Original networkTV Tokyo, TVA, TVO, TSC, TVQ, AT-X
Original run January 7, 2011 July 2, 2011
Episodes24 (List of episodes)
Novel series
Gosick New Continent[1]
Written byKazuki Sakuraba
Published byKadokawa Shoten
Original runDecember 25, 2013December 2, 2016
Volumes4 (List of volumes)
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Gosick (Japanese: ゴシック, Hepburn: Goshikku, stylized as GOSICK, derived from the word gothic) is a Japanese light novel series written by Kazuki Sakuraba, with illustrations by Hinata Takeda. The series includes 13 novels published by Fujimi Shobo between December 2008 with and July 2011. Set in a fictional European country in 1924, a Japanese exchange student meets a mysterious, brilliant girl who only leaves the library to sleep. Her brother, a detective, relies on her exceptional mind to solve difficult mysteries. Tokyopop released the first two novels in English in North America. A manga adaptation drawn by Sakuya Amano was serialized in Fujimi Shobo's Monthly Dragon Age magazine. A 24-episode anime adaptation by Bones aired between January and July 2011. A sequel novel titled Gosick New Continent was released in between 2013 and 2016.

Plot and settings[edit]

Gosick takes place in 1924 in a small, French-speaking fictional European country; which stretches from Switzerland, through the Alps between France and Italy, to the Mediterranean Sea. The country is called "Sauville" in the English translation of the light novels; but is called "Saubure" in the anime adaption. The story centers on Kazuya Kujo, the third son of a high-ranking officer of the Imperial Japanese Army, who is a transfer student to St. Marguerite Academy, where urban legends and horror stories are quite popular. There he meets Victorique, a mysterious yet beautiful and brilliant girl who never comes to class and spends her days reading the entire contents of the library or solving mysteries that even detectives can not solve. The series mostly focuses on Kazuya and Victorique getting involved in different criminal cases and their struggle to solve them, at the same time forming important bonds with different people and each other.


Main characters[edit]

Victorique de Blois (ヴィクトリカ・ド・ブロワ, Vikutorika do Burowa)
Voiced by: Aoi Yuuki (Japanese), Apphia Yu (English)[2]
Victorique has the appearance of a small (in the novel 140 cm, 4'7"), almost doll-like, girl with very long blonde hair and emerald eyes and a voice that sounds beyond her age. She is portrayed as a typical tsundere. Another important part of Victorique's appearance is a ceramic smoking pipe that she uses for dramatic effect when thinking. She spends her days in the conservatory at the top of the library, reading several difficult books, often in different languages, simultaneously. She points at one entire wall of the library and told Kazuya that she has read almost all the books over there. Along with her sharp tongue, abusive bluntness and eccentric attitude, she possesses a genius level intellect which she applies to observing facts and "reconstructing chaos". The examples shown in the novels and anime are solving inexplicable crimes and false accusations. The credit for solving such crimes is often given to her half brother, Det. Grevil de Blois, to hide Victorique's involvement.
After Victorique saves him from an arrest, Kazuya finds himself entangled in every new mystery that occurs. Because her mother, Cordelia Gallo, was a mistress, and according to Victorique "a dangerous person", she was imprisoned in the depths of the de Blois mansion where she developed mannerisms that are anything but childlike. She was allowed to attend school under strict orders from her father to never leave the campus. Only in exceptional circumstances does she obtain permission to leave, usually with Grevil having obtained it for her from their family. When she first met Kazuya she did not like him and thought that he was annoying and stupid for climbing up all the stairs in the library. She even ignored him and made fun of him, but gradually warmed up to him and began to trust and cherish him. Despite acting harshly towards Kazuya almost all the time, it's clear that she cares deeply for him, as seen many times when he is in danger. In novel volume 1 chapter 1 she tells Kazuya "My five senses are on high alert, gathering fragments of chaos from the world around me. The fountain of knowledge inside me toys with them out of sheer boredom, reconstructing them. I may verbalize this; often times I can't be bothered and remain silent." She often complains about boredom being the root of her headaches. Throughout the anime, Victorique was also called by others as the "Golden Fairy in the High Tower", "Gray Wolf" and at the end of the series "Charming Monster" or "Monster Charmante" from the French translation; all of them creatures of folktales. In Gosick Red, Victorique moves to New York and becomes a private detective.
Victorique's name is spelled "Victorica" on the official Gosick website, likely as a phonetic spelling. Her name is spelled "Victorique" in the first two novels (English translation) and in episode 9 of the anime.[3] All evidences in novel and anime indicates that the nation of Sauville, the academy and the de Blois all speak French as their official language.[4] In the novels, it is noted that her name is apparently usually a man's, as Avril initially does not believe Victorique is a female student when she is being discussed. In the final episode, Victorique's golden hair turns silver and it is implied she married Kazuya after he returned home from fighting in the war.
Kazuya Kujo (久城 一弥, Kujō Kazuya)
Voiced by: Miyu Irino (Drama CD), Takuya Eguchi (Anime) (Japanese); Matt Shipman[2] (English)
As the youngest son of a soldier, Kazuya has spent most of his life struggling with living in his highly successful siblings' shadows. Jealous of all the attention his brothers got, he worked hard to compete, but everything changed when he understood that adults, who think that the youngest child is always spoiled and useless, will never acknowledge his efforts. With a permanent scar in his heart he left the military academy in Japan and before anyone from his family could stop him, went to study abroad at St. Marguerite. Unfortunately, his black-hair and dark brown eyes, combined with the campus legend saying that "the traveler who comes in the spring brings death with him" has resulted in Kazuya being called the "Black Reaper" by the largely apprehensive and superstitious student body, resulting in him having no friends. By some twist of fate he becomes a messenger and companion to the most eccentric pupil in the school, Victorique. At first he didn't like Victorique because of her arrogant and sadistic attitude, but after spending time with her, he started to truly care for her and be protective of her. It is shown that he is willing to risk his life to protect her on more than one occasion. He is described, by Victorique, as a good and sincere person whose soul is pure and beautiful enough to admit pride. Although he claims to have excellent academic achievements that rival that of his older brothers, he can be very dense and slow, though he has a keen memory for details when applying it to a crime. Despite everything that happened in Japan he is proud to be a soldier's son. It is implied in the final episode that after he returned from the war he married Victorique. In Gosick Red, Kazuya moves to New York and becomes a newspaper reporter.

Other characters[edit]

Grevil de Blois (グレヴィール・ド・ブロワ, Gurevīru do Burowa)
Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu (Drama CD), Hidenobu Kiuchi (Anime) (Japanese); Adam Rowe[2] (English)
Grevil is an aristocrat who had forced the local police to make him a detective purely because he had an interest in crime. The most noticeable aspect of his appearance is his drill-like hairstyle that Kazuya is convinced could be used as a deadly weapon[citation needed]. In the light novels he smokes a pipe identical to Victorique's. This isn't shown in the anime. Being a terrible detective, he relies on Victorique to solve his cases. All the same, he has some talent, at least as an actor, as shown when making an arrest in novel volume 1 chapter 5 part 1. Despite that, Victorique is never acknowledged for her efforts because she must not be made known to the public.
Grevil is the half-brother of Victorique sharing the same father; Marquis Albert du Blois. Grevil's mother was Albert's wife while Victorique's mother was a mistress. It is revealed that he was in love with his childhood friend Jacqueline. Unfortunately, at that time she was already married. Grevil, with assistance from Victorique, solved a case and acquitted Jacqueline of an accusation (framed) of murder.[5] While he is described by Victorique as a heel and a playboy, it is implied that his current happy self is nothing but a shell to bury his sad past, including losing Jacqueline to someone else and not being able to show his concern for his sister openly.
It is mentioned in episode 10 that his shocking drill-like hairstyle is actually the price he pays for asking Victorique to solve Jacqueline's case, while citing that if Victorique wanted to make his life truly miserable, she should have asked him to stop loving Jacqueline instead of merely asking him to don such a ridiculous hairstyle. He originally had a charming long hairstyle, and at the end of the series he restores this old hairstyle.
Avril Bradley (アブリル・ブラッドリー, Aburiru Buraddorī)
Voiced by: Tomoko Kawakami (Drama CD), Noriko Shitaya (Anime)[6][7] (Japanese); Erica Mendez[2] (English)
An international student from Great Britain. Because she and Kazuya are both foreign students, they quickly found common ground and were able to talk freely, instead of treating Kazuya like a monster, which is what most of the rest of the students are doing. She is a beautiful girl with short blond hair and blue eyes. It is hinted that she has feelings for Kazuya. She represents Kazuya's ordinary ties to the school, apart from his adventures with Victorique. She also enjoys eating and is fond of ghost stories. Through the first novel she has not met Victorique.
In the anime the real Avril Bradley was kidnapped on the way to the academy and replaced by Keiran II, the successor of the famous thief Keiran who mysteriously disappeared eight years prior. This thief wishes to continue his legacy by stealing the priceless works of famous artists and writers, etc., and was after a rare stamp that Avril's grandfather, a famed adventurer, had intended to give to her. She was rescued by Kujo, and later in the nurse's office said she thought he was a "black-haired prince". Ironically, because the thief knew of the real Avril in detail and had been a very good imposter, it wasn't hard for Kazuya to reestablish a friendship with the real Avril, who even developed feelings for him, but has a hard time trying to get closer to him due to his dedication to Victorique. In episode 14, she confessed her love for Kujo to Victorique but Victorique left before she can hear Avril's confession.
Cecile Lafitte (セシル・ラフィット, Seshiru Rafitto)
Voiced by: Yui Horie (Drama CD), Yui Kano (Anime), Kristen McGuire (English)[2]
A teacher in St. Marguerite Academy. She teaches Kazuya's, Avril's (and Victorique's) class. A small woman with a baby face, fluffy brown hair and big round glasses. She tasks Kazuya with taking the class handouts to Victorique, and she was the one who first brought Kazuya and Victorique together. She also dislikes ghosts and is prone to fainting in certain supernatural situations.
Brian Roscoe (ブライアン・ロスコー, Buraian Rosukō)
Voiced by: Tōru Ōkawa (Anime), Robert McCollum (English)[2]
A famous magician whom Kujo regularly encounters. After Victorique proves Cordelia Gallo's innocence, he is seen beside Cordelia commenting that her "sin" has been burned together with the only bridge connecting the Grey Wolves' village to the outside world. During the First World War, he used his capabilities as an illusionist, along with a magic lantern, to disrupt a German bombing run on the "Beelzebub's Skull" convent in Lithuania – a huge projection of the Virgin Mary. He was the one who helped Cordelia escape from the sanitarium she was left in by Albert after Victorique's birth. Since then they have been working together to oppose the Marquis' intentions.
Later is revealed that Brian is not a single individual, but a pair of identical twins who share the same appearance and name. Both care deeply for Cordelia, but one of the twins despises Victorique as her birth prevented Cordelia from returning those feelings.
Cordelia Gallo (コルデリア・ギャロ, Koruderia Gyaro)
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro (Anime), Elizabeth Maxwell (English)[2]
Victorique's mother, who hails from the legendary "Village of the Gray Wolves", a secluded castle town (later stated to actually be a small independent kingdom by the village elder.) inhabited by people who all possess the same physical and mental attributes – short stature, pale skin, blond hair, green eyes, and extremely high intelligence. It is also shown that they develop precognitive abilities in old age. She was expelled from the town after being framed for the murder of the then-current elder, and her whereabouts were a mystery until Victorique manages to prove her innocence, when she is seen beside Brian Roscoe.
Cordelia's resemblance to her daughter is uncanny, and her short stature even as an adult leads even Kujo to mistake Cordelia for Victorique when he sees her. It is eventually revealed that Cordelia never had any kind of relationship with Victorique's father, the Marquis Albert de Blois; The Marquis in fact kidnapped, raped, and imprisoned her for the duration of the resulting pregnancy for the sole purpose of bearing Victorique – a child with Gray Wolf intellect which he could use for his own ends. Immediately after she gave birth to Victorique, the Marquis placed Cordelia in a sanitarium where she remained until she was freed by Roscoe. Despite the circumstances of Victorique's birth, Cordelia loves her daughter deeply, and watches over her closely, even visiting her to deliver a pendant containing her picture despite the risk of being found by the Marquis.
Marquis Albert de Blois (アルベール・ド・ブロワ侯爵, Arubēru do Burowa Kōshaku)
Voiced by: Takayuki Sugō (Anime), David Wald (English)[2]
Marquis Albert de Blois is Sauville's "Minister of the Occult", the main antagonist and Grevil's and Victorique's father. He is responsible for Victorique's secluded life and instructed Grevil to keep track of her movements. Impressed by Leviathan's tricks to impress the king and queen of Sauville, he offered him protection in exchange for creating a Homunculus army. In Leviathan's last moments, he suggested that Albert mate with a woman with extraordinary powers to produce a child capable of achieving his goals. As per this suggestion, Albert then proceeded to kidnap and rape Cordelia Gallo to produce Victorique. He cares little for Victorique as his daughter, seeing her as a mere tool. According to him, Victorique's conception and raising have been part of his plan to seize power in Sauville in spite of an upcoming storm that is set to engulf the entire world. It is implied that the event in question is the Second World War that began more than a decade before its real life counterpart.
Thanks to Victorique's efforts, Albert managed to obtain precious information to topple his main nemesis in the government, The Minister of Science, Jupiter Roget and blackmailed the King into making him the Prime Minister. He also managed to amass a legion of followers by making the people believe that his daughter is the legendary creature "Monstre Charmant". His plans are ruined when Cordelia managed to have Victorique escape with Brian Roscoe's help, exposing Albert's schemes and ultimately kills him before being slain herself by one of his bodyguards.


Light novels[edit]

Gosick began as a light novel series written by Kazuki Sakuraba, with illustrations by Hinata Takeda. Fujimi Shobo and Kadokawa Shoten published 13 volumes between December 10, 2003 and July 23, 2011; nine comprise the main story, while the other four under the title GosickS are side story collections. The first GosickS volume takes place before the first volume of Gosick, GosickS II is between Gosick IV and Gosick V, and GosickS III takes place after Gosick VI. A new series titled Gosick New Continent started on December 25, 2013, following Kazuya and Victorique in the 1930s after they moved to North America following the events of the main story.

Tokyopop released the first novel in English in April 2008[8] and the second in March 2010. It is also published Germany by Tokyopop.[9]


  • Gosick (GOSICK –ゴシック–, GOSICK -Goshikku-) ISBN 4-8291-6229-5
  • Gosick II: The Crime That Has No Name (GOSICK II –ゴシック・その罪は名もなき–, GOSICK II -Goshikku – Sono Tsumi wa Na mo Naki-) ISBN 4-8291-6254-6
  • Gosick III: Beneath the Blue Rose (GOSICK III –ゴシック・青い薔薇の下で–, GOSICK III -Goshikku – Aoi Bara no Shita de-) ISBN 4-8291-6273-2
  • Gosick IV: A Fool Represents the Case (GOSICK IV –ゴシック・愚者を代弁せよ–, GOSICK IV -Goshikku – Gusha wo Daiben seyo-) ISBN 4-8291-6288-0
  • Gosick V: Beelzebub's Skull (GOSICK V –ゴシック・ベルゼブブの頭蓋–, GOSICK V -Goshikku – Beruzebubu no Zugai-) ISBN 4-8291-6328-3
  • Gosick VI: Night of the Masquerade (GOSICK VI –ゴシック・仮面舞踏会の夜–, GOSICK VI -Goshikku – Kamen-Butōkai no Yoru-) ISBN 4-8291-6375-5
  • Gosick VII: The Rose-coloured Life (GOSICK VII –ゴシック・薔薇色の人生–, GOSICK VII -Goshikku – Barairo no Jinsei-) ISBN 978-4-04-428115-1
  • Gosick VIII (1): Twilight of the Gods (GOSICK VIII 上 –ゴシック・神々の黄昏–, GOSICK VIII Jou -Goshikku – Kamigami no Tasogare-) ISBN 4-04-428121-1
  • Gosick VIII (2): Twilight of the Gods (GOSICK VIII 下 –ゴシック・神々の黄昏–, GOSICK VIII Ge -Goshikku – Kamigami no Tasogare) ISBN 4-04-428124-6


  • GosickS: The Reaper Comes in the Spring (GOSICKS –ゴシックエス・春来たる死神–, GOSICKS -Goshikku Esu – Haru Kitaru Shinigami-) ISBN 4-8291-6310-0
  • GosickS II: Summer from the Disappearing Train (GOSICKS II –ゴシックエス・夏から遠ざかる列車–, GOSICKS II -Goshikku Esu – Natsu kara Tōzakaru Ressha-) ISBN 4-8291-6352-6
  • GosickS III: Memories of an Autumn Flower (GOSICKS III –ゴシックエス・秋の花の思い出–, GOSICKS III -Goshikku Esu – Aki no Hana no Omoide-) ISBN 978-4-8291-6387-0
  • GosickS IV: Winter of Sacrifices (GOSICKS IV –ゴシックエス・冬のサクリファイス–, GOSICKS IV -Goshikku Esu – Fuyu no sakurifaisu-) ISBN 978-4-04-428119-9

Gosick New Continent[edit]


A manga adaptation, illustrated by Amano Sakuya, was serialized in Fujimi Shobo's Monthly Dragon Age magazine between the January 2008 and May 2012 issues. Fujimi Shobo published eight tankōbon volumes between July 9, 2008 and June 9, 2012.

Volume listing[edit]

No.Japanese release dateJapanese ISBN
1 July 9, 2008ISBN 978-4047125582
2 November 10, 2008ISBN 978-4047125773
3 August 9, 2009ISBN 978-4047126152
4 January 9, 2010ISBN 978-4047126442
5 November 9, 2010ISBN 978-4047126930
6 February 9, 2011ISBN 978-4047127104
7 September 8, 2011ISBN 978-4047127456
8 June 9, 2012ISBN 978-4047127944

Drama CD[edit]

A drama CD based on the first volume of GosickS, was released on April 21, 2006.


Gosick was adapted into a 24-episode anime television series by Bones under the direction of Hitoshi Nanba and script supervision by Mari Okada.[10] The series aired on TV Tokyo between January 8 and July 2, 2011. However, the broadcast of episode 11 and afterward was affected by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.[11] The series was simulcast by Crunchyroll with English subtitles.[12] The opening theme is "Destin Histoire" by Risa Yoshiki and was released on March 2, 2011.[13] For the first 12 episodes, the ending theme is "Resuscitated Hope" by Lisa Komine and was released on April 27, 2011.[14] From episodes 13 onwards, the ending theme is "Unity", also by Lisa Komine. Bandai Entertainment had licensed the anime,[15] but later cancelled the release of Gosick.[16] Madman Entertainment have licensed the series in Australia and New Zealand and are releasing subtitled-only DVDs until a dubbed version becomes available. Funimation has licensed the series for North American and will release the first half of the series on a Blu-ray and DVD combo pack on May 30, 2017, the series will also have an English dub.[17]

Episode list[edit]

No. Title Original air date
1"The Dark Reaper Finds the Golden Fairy"
Transcription: "Kuroi Shinigami wa Kin'iro no Yōsei wo Mitsukeru" (Japanese: 黒い死神は金色の妖精を見つける)
January 8, 2011 (2011-01-08)
In the fictional European country of Sauville, Japanese exchange-student Kazuya Kujo has a fateful encounter with Victorique de Blois, a mysterious and intelligent girl that could easily solve a case of murder when fed by the police on the details of the crime. Kujo is overcome by Victorique's doll-like appearance and surprising wit. He is amazed to learn of her deductive powers when they are caught up in a murder investigation.
2"The Souls of the Dead Raise a Shipwreck"
Transcription: "Shisha no Tamashii ga Nampasen wo Oshiageru" (Japanese: 死者の魂が難破船をおしあげる)
January 15, 2011 (2011-01-15)[18]
Figuring about a greater scheme behind a murder, Victorique and Kujo end up infiltrating an exclusive party at a huge luxury ship and get themselves trapped into a mortal game. One by one all the passengers on the ship begin to die, leaving only a few survivors. It is up to the duo to solve the mystery and leave the ship alive.
3"The Hares Break a Promise Under the Morning Sun"
Transcription: "Nousagi-tachi wa Asahi no Shita de Yakusoku wo Kawasu" (Japanese: 野兎達は朝陽の下で約束をかわす)
January 22, 2011 (2011-01-22)[18]
After surviving the events at the ship along with Kujo, Victorique uncovers the truth behind what happened there, and about a similar incident that occurred ten years before. Her deductive reasoning astonishes her audience as she reveals the reasons behind both incidents.
4"The Golden Thread Cuts Through a Passing Moment"
Transcription: "Konjiki no Ito wa Tsuka no Ma wo Kirisaku" (Japanese: 金色の糸はつかのまを切り裂く)
January 29, 2011 (2011-01-29)[18]
Kujo becomes the suspect of a bizarre murder in which he witnesses a biker's head flying off. Victorique manages to quickly clear his name and guide Grevil to the real culprit. Later at the school, Kujo is introduced to Avril Bradley, a beautiful student from England who soon becomes his friend in spite of the school rumors about him being a 'reaper', but it does not take long for him to figure out that there is something wrong with her.
5"There's a Mysterious Ghost in the Abandoned Storehouse"
Transcription: "Haisōko ni wa Nazo no Yūrei ga Iru" (Japanese: 廃倉庫には謎の幽霊がいる)
February 5, 2011 (2011-02-05)[18]
Kujo is still puzzling over Avril and cannot understand what is bothering him about her character. He begs Victorique to find him a book in hope that it would give him a clue to Avril's mystery. Instead, Kujo is knocked unconscious and the book disappears. Victorique reveals to Kujo that the Avril Bradley he knows is actually an impostor and the successor of the legendary thief, Kuiaran. After Kujo rescues the real Avril Bradley, the duo confronts Kuiaran the Second on top of the library tower who came looking for the book.
6"The Gray Wolves Summon Their Brethren"
Transcription: "Haiiro no Ōkami wa Dōhō wo Yobi Yoseru" (Japanese: 灰色の狼は同胞を呼びよせる)
February 12, 2011 (2011-02-12)[19]
Just after reading an article on a newspaper brought by Kujo, Victorique flees from the academy and sets with him for the small town of Horovitz. After arriving there, she explains to him that her mother, Cordelia Gallo, was falsely accused of murder, and she refuses to return home before proving her innocence.
7"A Divine Revelation is Given at the Summer Solstice Festival"
Transcription: "Geshi-sai ni Shintaku wa Kudasareru" (Japanese: 夏至祭に神託はくだされる)
February 19, 2011 (2011-02-19)[19]
Victorique and Kujo explore the "Village of the Gray Wolves" where her mother lived in search for clues to prove her innocence, but Victorique gets disappointed when she uncovers the truth and figures that she lacks the means to clear her name. To complicate matters, two of the tourists who were visiting the village with them are killed among strange circumstances.
8"Howling Echoes from the Kingdom of the Past"
Transcription: "Kako no Ōkoku ni Tōboe ga Kodama Suru" (Japanese: 過去の王国に遠吠えがこだまする)
February 26, 2011 (2011-02-26)[19]
Victorique manages to find the culprit behind the recent deaths at the village and to clear her mother's name by exposing the woman who framed her. However, when the woman attempts to escape, she starts torching the entire village, and Kujo must confront her while protecting Victorique with his life.
9"Blue Roses Bloom in the Cannibal Department Store"
Transcription: "Hito-kui Depāto ni Aobara wa Saku" (Japanese: 人食いデパートに青薔薇は咲く)
March 5, 2011 (2011-03-05)[19]
Victorique gets a fever as Kujo sets out alone for some errands in Saubreme. While searching for a souvenir for his sister, he meets a girl among a pile of mannequins. The girl asks for help, but when he gets back to the department store with the Inspector, she is nowhere to be found. Kujo calls Victorique by phone to ask her help, but the call is cut short as he is taken away.
10"Girl with a Cold Dreams of Her Stubborn Friend"
Transcription: "Kazehiki wa Ganko na Yūjin no Yume wo Miru" (Japanese: 風邪ひきは頑固な友人の夢をみる)
March 12, 2011 (2011-03-12)[20]
Kujo encounters the same girl he met at the department store, and with the help of hers and a bright homeless boy, he manages to put the police back on the case. Kujo and Grevil then ask Victorique's opinion about the store, just to find that she already had made some research about it, and she comes with a plan to expose the culprits.
SpecialTranscription: "Haru kitaru GOSICK Supesharu – Utsukushiki Kaibutsu wa Konton no Saki wo Miru -" (Japanese: 春来たるGOSICKスペシャル-美しき怪物は混沌の先を視る-)March 26, 2011 (2011-03-26)[20]
A recap episode with interviews with the cast.
11"That Drill Eloquently Speaks of Love"
Transcription: "Sono Doriru wa Yūben ni ai wo Kataru" (Japanese: そのドリルは雄弁に愛を語る)
April 2, 2011 (2011-04-02)[20]
Jaqueline, an old friend of Grevil's, pays a visit to the Academy to make a donation and has a sudden encounter with Victorique at the Library Tower. There, she tells the story of a mysterious incident from the past where she was falsely accused of murder, unaware about its connection with both Victorique and the reason why Grevil has started bearing his unusual hairstyle.
12"The Cicadas are Heard on Summer Afternoons"
Transcription: "Natsu no Gogo ni Semi no Koe wo Kiku" (Japanese: 夏の午後に蝉の声を聞く)
April 9, 2011 (2011-04-09)[20]
Everybody in school is preparing for their summer vacation. Kujo has turned down his vacation trip with Avril to stay with Victorique. During his quiet days with her, Kujo has a flash back of his childhood and his reasons to leave Japan to study abroad.
13"A Fool Designates His Own Mouthpiece"
Transcription: "Gusha wa Onore no Daiben-sha wo Shimei Suru" (Japanese: 愚者は己の代弁者を指名する)
April 16, 2011 (2011-04-16)[21]
Kujo and Avril explore one of the school's towers and Avril figures that it is related to the legend of Leviathan, an alchemist who lived there decades before. Victorique stumbles on a pop-up book containing a cryptic message allegedly from Leviathan himself and when a death occurs at the top of the tower, she decides to investigate by herself.
14"A Malicious Frill Denounces a Farting Newt"
Transcription: "Ijiwaru Furiru wa Hekokiimori wo Kyūdan Suru" (Japanese: 意地悪フリルは屁こきいもりを糾弾する)
April 23, 2011 (2011-04-23)[21]
Victorique is dragged by her teacher to her classroom and is introduced to the rest of her classmates. Avril tries to bring her attention but she gets angry on her instead. Kujo demands Victorique to apologize to her, and when she refuses, he sets with Avril to keep investigating the Leviathan case without her help. Meanwhile Victorique has an encounter with Brian Roscoe, a friend of the victim's, on the top of the clock tower.
15"Two Monsters See Eye to Eye"
Transcription: "Nihiki no Kaibutsu wa Kokoro wo Kayowaseru" (Japanese: 二匹の怪物は心をかよわせる)
April 30, 2011 (2011-04-30)[21]
Kujo inquires Brian Roscoe regarding his connection to Victorique and her mother, but he only warns him to beware of her father instead. Meanwhile, Victorique succeeds to unlock the secrets behind Leviathan, the clock tower and the truth about her own origin.
16"The Felling Maria has a Fly’s Head"
Transcription: "Rakka Saseru Maria wa Hae no Atama wo Motsu" (Japanese: 落下させるマリアは蠅の頭をもつ)
May 7, 2011 (2011-05-07)[21]
Victorique's father has her taken from the academy to a convent known as "Beelzebub's Skull" in Lithuania. Kujo learns about her whereabouts from Grevil and takes a train going there to look for her. Guided by a woman who resembles a lot like her, Kujo manages to find where Victorique is held and learns from her that the woman is most likely her mother, Cordelia.
17"The Box Lies in the Spiral Labyrinth"
Transcription: "Rasen no Meikyū ni Sono Hako wa Nemuru" (Japanese: 螺旋の迷宮にその箱はねむる)
May 14, 2011 (2011-05-14)[22]
Victorique reveals to Kujo that her father brought her to the convent in order to bait out Cordelia and Brian. As the two escape, they become separated by an illusion. Victorique encounters Brian, who reveals that he is planning to stop her father and the Academy. Meanwhile, Kujo runs into Cordelia, who entrusts him with a ring and some words of encouragement for her daughter, then Marquis Albert de Blois himself. Albert attempts to force Kujo to surrender Victorique to him, but Kujo refuses and leaves. The floodgates shielding the convent are opened by a time-release trap set by Albert, flooding the entire area, and Kujo barely escapes with Victorique.
18"The Jet-Black Train Carries Several Lies"
Transcription: "Shikkoku no Ressha wa Ikutsu ka no Uso wo Hakobu" (Japanese: 漆黒の列車はいくつかの嘘を運ぶ)
May 21, 2011 (2011-05-21)[22]
Having escaped from the flood, Victorique, Kujo and the rest of the passengers of the Masquerade Express find themselves involved into a bloody contest for an elusive item that can shake the balance of power between the Academy and the Ministry of Science.
19"The Rose Colored Life is Buried Under Fresh Snow"
Transcription: "Barairo no Jinsei wa Shinsetsu ni Uzumoreru" (Japanese: 薔薇色の人生は新雪に埋もれる)
May 28, 2011 (2011-05-28)[22]
Kujo leaves to the capital to find a present to Victorique's birthday which coincidentally is on Christmas day. Meanwhile, Victorique receives a message from her mother and starts looking for Kujo without success until she is summoned by her father and taken by Grevil to the capital to solve the greatest mystery of the country, which involves its previous queen, Coco Rose, whose life is being reenacted in a play at the Phantom Theater.
20"Guided by the Phantom's Ghost"
Transcription: "Fantomu no Yūrei ni Michibika Reru" (Japanese: ファントムの幽霊に導かれる)
June 4, 2011 (2011-06-04)[22]
Finding out that Victorique has been summoned yet again by her father, Kujo races to catch up with her, only for her to disappear again. The Inspector reveals to Kujo that Victorique might not be able to leave, unless she figures the real truth about Coco Rose's death, and thus he starts searching the city for more clues regarding the case.
21"The Bells of Christmas Eve Toll at the Heels of Time"
Transcription: "Sēya no Kane wa Toki wo Oitateru" (Japanese: 聖夜の鐘は刻を追いたてる)
June 11, 2011 (2011-06-11)[23]
Upon investigating the grave of a woman, Nicole Lulu, with a striking resemblance to Queen Coco Rose, Victorique manages to put together the truth behind the woman's mysterious demise. The truth behind the Coco Rose case and the disappearance of Nicole Lulu is made clear, and Albert frees Victorique when she is unable to conclusively identify the murderer. On the way home to the Academy, Victorique and Kujo encounter a seemingly ordinary couple who are actually the still-living Coco Rose and her son fathered by Leviathan. Cordelia watches over them as they arrive home, and is soon joined by Brian who is revealed not to be one single person, but a pair of identical twins.
22"A Christmas Carol Decorates the Windowsill's Happiness"
Transcription: "Kurisumasu Kyaroru wa Madobe no Saiwai wo Kazaru" (Japanese: クリスマス・キャロルは窓辺の幸いを飾る)
June 18, 2011 (2011-06-18)[23]
Kujo is enjoying Christmas together with Victorique when he is suddenly taken by force from the Academy since King Rupert declared that all foreign citizens should be sent back to their home countries because of imminent conflict in Sauville. However, Kujo manages to escape and returns to the Academy eager to meet Victorique again, unaware that he became a hostage in Albert's hands as a means to ensure her cooperation with his plan.
23"Call Checkmate on an Ash-Colored Chessboard"
Transcription: "Haizome no Chesu ni Chekkumeito wo Tsugeru" (Japanese: 灰染めのチェスにチェックメイトを告げる)
June 25, 2011 (2011-06-25)[23]
All the pieces of Albert's plan have fallen into place. Kujo has been deported and Victorique has been imprisoned in the Sauville royal palace. Using her wisdom, Albert exposes Jupiter Roget's identity as a Gray Wolf to the other nobility and runs him out, then persuades King Rupert to make an alliance with the rising power of Germany. Kujo has been enlisted into the Japanese military, Albert is soon to be named the new Prime Minister of Sauville and has Grevil bring Victorique out during the ceremony to show off his power. However, sometime before the ceremony Cordelia switched places with Victorique, and confronts Albert, revealing his crimes to the entire country. When one of the Brian Roscoe twins stages a terrorist attack on the ceremony, Cordelia engages Albert in a sword fight using a pair of short swords as weapons and successfully kills him, but is slain herself by one of Albert's minions. Meanwhile, the other Brian, who has taken Victorique away in a stagecoach, attempts to kill her to erase Cordelia's "pain" as he sees it.
24"Looking at Infinity over the Grim Reaper's Shoulder"
Transcription: "Shinigami no Katagoshi ni Eien wo Miru" (Japanese: 死神の肩越しに永遠をみる)
July 2, 2011 (2011-07-02)[23]
After trying to kill Victorique, the Brian Roscoe who was with her fell from a cliff and was seriously injured, while his brother died with Cordelia in Sauville. Victorique saved him and took him to the port where they were found by Grevil who had orders to capture them, but lets them escape instead. In a boat leaving the country, Brian states to Victorique that Cordelia was the kind of mother he and his brother always wanted, and was envious of Cordelia's love for her. Begging her to keep living for her mother's sake, he passes on. She is then approached by Jupiter Roget, who was bringing with him Kujo's letters to her. After the war ends, the academy is reopened, Grevil, who had now paid his debt to Victorique, sports his old hairstyle again, and Kujo returns safely to a war-torn Japan to meet with his family where Victorique, who made use of the letters to find her way to his home and lived there since then was also waiting for him. Once again reunited, Kujo and Victorique state that no matter how the world changes, they will always be together. The story ends with Victorique, wearing a wedding gown, walking hand in hand with Kujo.


Anime News Network's Carlo Santos commends the first volume of light novels for "a mysterious, elegant atmosphere and an intricate plotline [making] this a thrilling read from start to finish". However, he criticises the light novels for "flashback scenes [that] never really fit in". He also mentions that "the final conclusion is rather far-fetched."[24]


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