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UQ Holder!
UQ Holder Vol 1 Cover.jpg
Cover of the first volume, as published by Kodansha, featuring main characters Kurōmaru Tokisaka (left), Tōta Konoe (center) and Yukihime (right)
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science fantasy, Harem
Written by Ken Akamatsu
Published by Kodansha
English publisher
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine (2013-2016)
Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine (2016-present)
Original run August 2013 – present
Volumes 11 (List of volumes)

UQ Holder! (later titled UQ Holder!: Magister Negi Magi! 2 [1]) is a manga series by Ken Akamatsu. Set in the same universe of his previous work Negima! Magister Negi Magi, but over 70 years later, it follows the adventures of a young boy who is transformed into a vampire and joins a secret society composed of immortal beings.

UQ (ユーキュー Yūkyū?) stands for 悠久 ("eternity"), the kanji that entwines inside the UQ logo, which alludes to the immortal nature of the characters.


The series is set in the year 2086, several decades after the events of Negima! Magister Negi Magi and ten years after magic is revealed to the world. Tōta Konoe is a young boy who is mortally wounded by a bounty hunter coming after his guardian Yukihime's life, who reveals herself as a vampire and saves him by transforming Tōta into one of her kind. Tōta discovers then that Yukihime is none other than the legendary vampire and magician Evangeline A.K. McDowell and joins her covenant of immortal beings, the secret society known as "UQ Holder".

As Tōta gets used to his new environment and trains himself to get stronger, he discovers that his grandfather, Negi Springfield, was once a great mage who saved the world from disaster, but now his body is possessed by an ominous entity known as the "Mage of Beginning" that threatens the whole mankind, and is slowly taking control of him, triggering a war between three factions: One is UQ Holder itself, led by Yukihime, who intends to uphold her promise to kill Negi should the Mage of Beginning assumes control of him for good, another is Negi's former brigade, "Ala Alba", now led by his former comrade, Fate Averruncus, that intend to find a way to separate Negi from the Mage of Beginning in order to save him, and Negi himself, accompanied by several of his former companions, who were supposed to be killed in a war decades ago, and gathered with an unknown agenda. It is also revealed that Tōta will have a main role in this conflict as he is an artificial clone with the powers of Negi and his former partner Asuna Kagurazaka, imbued with the powers of both.


Main characters[edit]

Tōta Konoe (近衛 刀太 Konoe Tōta?)
Ranking number 7 of UQ Holders, Tōta is the main character and a 14-year-old boy who was raised by Yukihime after his parents died. After being mortally wounded while protecting Yukihime, he is transformed by her into a vampire, becoming an immortal being. Always cheerful and optimistic, Tōta is similar in hair color and family name with Konoka Konoe, a character from Negima! and is implied to be a relative of hers, making him part of the Konoe family. His grandfather was Negi Springfield, a legendary magician and Negima!'s protagonist. Tōta later receives a sword that can have its weight increased or decreased thousands of timesfold according to the will of its user (actually a adjustable dial) that becomes his main weapon and it is revealed that his body possess the secret power of "Magia Erebea", allowing him to absorb magic into his own body, bonding it to his soul. Tōta's personality strongly resembles his great-grandfather's, Nagi Springfield's personality. Later it is revealed that Tōta was not Negi's biological grandson but rather is a clone meant to combine the powers of Negi and Asuna Kagurazaka into a single body.
Yukihime (雪姫?) / Evangeline A.K. McDowell (エヴァンジェリン・A.K.・マクダウェル Evanjerin A.K. Makudaweru?)
A 700-year-old immortal vampire and a main character from the Negima! series. After parting ways with her friends from the Mahora Academy - possibly from outliving them - Evangeline adopted the alias "Yukihime" (lit. "Snow Princess") and founded the secret "UQ Holder" society for immortal beings. She usually appears as a tall and attractive woman instead of the usual child-like appearance seen in Negima! She becomes Tōta's foster parent after his birth parents are killed in an incident, later transforming him into a vampire to save his life. Later it is revealed that she had met Tōta centuries before becoming his guardian due to a temporal paradox and bonded with him at that time, implying that she also fell in love with him at the occasion. She also still harbors feelings for Negi but claims that she intends to uphold her promise to him of ending his life should the Lifemaker succeed in taking over his body.
Kurōmaru Tokisaka (時坂 九郎丸 Tokisaka Kurōmaru?)
Ranking number 11 of UQ Holder. Originally an assassin initially sent to murder Yukihime; 14-year-old Kurōmaru is defeated by Tōta who "convinces" him to become his friend and brother-in-arms. As he also displays traits of immortality, Kurōmaru accompanies Tōta to join UQ Holder. Despite claiming to be a boy, Kurōmaru displays a feminine appearance and behavior and is usually mistaken as a girl. This is because he comes from a tribe of demi-humans where children are born genderless but becomes male or female once they reach the age of 16. Kurōmaru claims he wants to become male and stay by Tōta's side as his brother-in-arms, but feels conflicted because of his growing romantic feelings for him. Later on, after realizing his feelings for Tōta, Kurōmaru's body begins to develop into that of a female despite not being age 16 yet. Kurōmaru is similar in appearance with Setsuna Sakurazaki from Negima!, and just like her, is an adept of the Kyoto Shinmei-ryū sword style and other Eastern battle techniques.

UQ Holder[edit]

Jinbei Shishido (宍戸 甚兵衛 Shishido Jinbei?)
Ranking number 2 of UQ Holder. 1400 years ago, Jinbei ate the flesh of a mermaid, achieving immortality. Due to his immortality being weak, Jinbei has several scars on his chest as a result, in various sizes and locations, which he received throughout his life. Despite his power and status within the organization, he's generally laid-back and has a reputation for being a slacker.
Karin Yuuki (結城夏凛 Yūki Karin?)
Ranking number 4 of UQ Holder. She is very devoted to Yukihime after having been saved by her in the past and is jealous of Tōta's close relationship with her. Her immortality is said to come from divine origin, as all her wounds heal instantly instead of just regenerating fast like in most immortals and because of it she was branded as a witch and hunted when she was a small child centuries ago. She is later revealed to be the basis of the biblical Judas Iscariot, whose name is a corruption of her true name, Ist Karin Haute.
Kirie Sakurame (桜雨キリヱ Sakurame Kiriwe?)
Ranking number 9 of UQ Holder. Despite having the body of a 10 year old girl, she has already lived much longer. Kirie has the power to rewind time, averting adverse events like her own death by returning to specific instants in time she marks with what she labels as "save points", she used this power to make a fortune in the stock market and become the main sponsor for the organization. She also has the power to bring other people to the rewinded time with her, having them remember the erased events as well. Kirie has the habit of badmouthing Tōta, but usually shows signs of affection towards him, and after an accident involving both in which her powers get temporarily out of control, she develops the special ability of stopping time completely around the pair when they share a kiss, an effect that only wears off when they kiss again.
Ikkuu Ameya (飴屋 一空 Ameya Ikkū?)
Ranking number 10 of UQ Holder. Contrary to the other members who achieved immortality through supernatural means, Ikkuu obtained his by replacing almost all of his body with cybernetic implants, which not only give him enhanced strength and speed, but several types of weaponry at his disposal, including the "Al-Iskandariya Orbital Cannon" which used to be Chachamaru Karakuri's pactio weapon in Negima!. He can also easily change his appearance by just transferring himself to a different cybernetic body with other physical features.
Santa Sasaki (佐々木 三太 Sasaki Santa?)
Ranking number 12 of UQ Holder. He was a student at Amano-Mihashira Academy City, which was established at the site of the old Mahora Academy, until he is killed by some bullies. Instead of passing away, he is turned into a Revenant, a powerful vengeful spirit by his close friend, a necromancer named Sayoko. Unaware of his undead status and with only vague memories of the incident, Santa became a shut-in and refused to attend class. First appearing as Tōta and Kurōmaru's roommate, he is initially suspect of a series of murders occurring at the school, but the real culprit is Sayoko instead, who intends to unleash a zombie apocalypse upon the world after being possessed by hundreds of thousands of vengeful spirits, which caused her once gentle affection for Santa to be twisted into an all-consuming obsession. Assisted by Tōta and his friends, Santa stops Sayoko's plan and have her reform, but she passes away soon after. With no one else to turn to, he is then invited by Tōta to join UQ Holder.

Negima characters[edit]

Negi Springfield (ネギ・スプリングフィールド Negi Supuringufīrudo?)
Touta's grandfather. After his adventures in Negima, Negi helped his former teacher, Yukihime, form UQ Holder and made a name for himself in the magical world where he is known as "The Greatest Mage." At first believed to be deceased, it is later revealed by Fate that Negi is still alive though his whereabouts are unknown. Unlike his former master and grandson, Negi possesses a complete version of Magia Erebea. He is eventually revealed to have been possessed by the Mage of the Beginning, who is slowly locking away his soul and gaining control of his body.
Fate Averruncus (フェイト・アーウェルンクス?)
He was Negi Springfield's main rival and comrade in the Negima series, and is currently heralded as the greatest wizard in the Solar System and the current leader of "Ala Alba", the brigade Negi founded with his students 80 years before. He opposes UQ Holder, claiming that Yukihime was responsible for Negi's disappearance. However, Fate claims that there is a way to save Negi and the fate of the entire Solar System depends on it. To do so, he claims that he needs Tōta's cooperation, but instead became the target of Tōta's hatred, after revealing that he was the one responsible for the death of Tōta's parents, though this changes as Tōta begins to suspect that Fate is hiding something.
Mana Tatsumiya (龍宮 真名 Tatsumiya Mana?)
One of Negi Springfield's former students; she is a half demon, thus she ages much slower than a normal human making her one of the few classmates of Yukihime's who are still alive. She is currently the acting director of the Amano-Mihashira Academy City, filling up for some "old friend of hers".
Nagi Springfield (ナギ・スプリングフィールド Nagi Supuringufīrudo?)
Negi's father and Touta's great-grandfather. A legendary mage known as "The Thousand Master," he led the group "Ala Rubra" during the Great War a hundred years ago that was started by the Mage of the Beginning. He reappears in an illusion alongside his son, Negi, before members of UQ Holder and Fate. It was later revealed that he was possessed by the Lifemaker, forcing his son, Negi, to defeat him and in turn become possessed himself.
Ayaka Yukihiro (雪広 あやか Yukihiro Ayaka?)
One of Negi Springfield's former students and leader of the Yukihiro Conglomerate, she reappears now as an aged woman with her great-granddaughter, Mizore as guests of Yukihime. She meets with and becomes fond of Touta due him being Negi's grandson. Ayaka also still possesses her pactio card that she made with Negi decades ago.
Chachamaru Karakuri (絡繰 茶々丸 Karakuri Chachamaru?)
One of Negi Springfield's former students and partners who was once Yukihime's servant. She reappears alongside Ayaka, whom she is now in service of.
Sayo Aisaka (相坂 さよ Aisaka Sayo?)
One of Negi Springfield's former students and a ghost. Being a ghost, her appearance has remained unchanged in the following decades after the events of Negima. She reappears alongside Ayaka and Zazie to greet Touta.
Zazie Rainyday (ザジ・レイニーデイ Zaji Reinīdei?)
One of Negi Springfield's former students and the princess of the Demon Kind. Similar to Mana, she ages much slower than a normal human and has not changed much in terms of appearance. She appears before Touta with Sayo and Ayaka to greet him.
Yue Ayase (綾瀬 夕映 Ayase Yue?)
One of Negi Springfield's former students and partners who is now known as Yue "The All-Knowing" and "The Magical Detective". Believed to have been killed in the previous war along with her best friend, Nodoka, Jack, and Albireo, the four reappear with Negi in front of UQ Holder to take Touta away.
Nodoka Miyazaki (宮崎 のどか Miyazaki Nodoka?)
One of Negi Springfield's former students and partners who was the most romantically involved with him of her class 70 years ago. Known in the magical world as Nodoka "The All-Perceiving" and "The Mind Reader". Believed to have been killed in the previous war along with her best friend, Yue, Jack, and Albireo, the four reappear with Negi in front of UQ Holder to take Touta away.
Albireo Imma (アルビレオ・イマ Arubireo Ima?)
Also known as the "Librian of a Thousand Faces, he was a former member of Ala Rubra with a high proficiency for gravity magic who took on the pseudonym "Ku:nel Sanders". It is said that his magical prowess is equal to that of Yukihime's. Believed to have been killed in the previous war along with Nodoka, Yue, and Jack, the four reappear with Negi in front of UQ Holder to take Touta away.
Jack Rakan (ジャック・ラカン Jakku Rakan?)
Also known as "Rakan of the Thousand Blades" and a former member of Ala Rubra was once considered a rival to Nagi Springfield. Believed to have been killed in the previous war along with Yue, Jack, and Nodoka, the four reappear with Negi in front of UQ Holder to take Touta away.
Asuna Kagurazaka (神楽坂 明日菜 Kagurazaka Asuna?)
One of Negi's former students and his very first partner. She had a natural ability to cancel any kind of magic, a trait that was transferred to Touta, who is a clone created not only with Negi's abilities, but hers as well. It is said that she is already dead, but she appears in a flashback created by Albireo for Touta to know all the truth and finally choose a side to support.

Other characters[edit]

Dana Ananga Jagannatha (ダーナ・アナンガ・ジャガンナータ Dāna Ananga Jagannāta?)
Also known as the Witch of the Rift (狭間の魔女 Hazama no Majo?), she is a true, natural born vampire, unlike Evangeline and Tōta who obtained their vampiric traits by magic, thus her powers are far greater, capable of instantly regenerating herself from any damage and her powers allow her to perform higher feats such as opening rifts in the space-time continuum. She was Evangeline's master when she was younger, but somehow they currently have a strained relationship, and takes Tōta, Kirie and Santa to train under her for a while as well.
The Mage of the Beginning
The main antagonist of the series and an immortal mage responsible for transforming Evangeline into a vampire 700 years ago and the instigator of the war on Inverse Mars a hundred years ago. Also known as the Lifemaker, she appears to have an interest in Touta. It's said that she is currently possessing Negi's body, just like she once possessed Nagi's body before he was destroyed by his son, and thus Fate looks desperately for a way to remove her from his body without killing him since then, while Yukihime seeks to uphold her promise to kill him should she ever obtain control of his body.
Honoka and Isana Konoe
Granddaughters of Konoka Konoe who are part of Fate's new Ala Alba. They appear before Tōta with the intention to convince him to join their ranks.
Mizore Yukihiro
Great-granddaughter of Ayaka Yukihiro and heir to the Yukihiro Conglomerate who wishes to marry Tōta. Like Ayaka, Mizore has a very proud personality but is also a very kind girl at heart.
Shinobu Yuuki (結城 忍 Yūki Shinobu?)
A young girl Tōta befriends during his travels, Shinobu dreams of competing in the Neo Olympics as a racer. Shinobu later reunites with Tōta at the UQ Holder Headquarters where she starts working as part of the staff. She is similar in name and appearance with Shinobu Maehara, a character from Akamatsu's work Love Hina.
Cutlass (カトラス Katorasu?)
A mysterious girl who heralds herself as Tōta's sister but harbors a strong hatred towards him. She is armed with Ensis Exorcizans, the pactio weapon used by Asuna in Negima!, with the ability to exorcise demons and dispel magic, and in Cutlass' case, summon lightning magic, implying that she is an Asuna/Negi hybrid clone just like Tōta, albeit with incomplete powers.



UQ Holder! is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. It began its serialization in the manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine on August 28, 2013. Its individual chapters have been collected into eleven tankōbon volumes by Kodansha, the first released on December 17, 2013. The series is licensed for English language release in North America by Kodansha Comics USA, who published the first volume on March 18, 2014. As the series is published in Japan, it is also released simultaneously in English digitally by Crunchyroll. In October 2016, the series will change magazines from the Weekly Shōnen Magazine to the Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine.[2]


An anime adaptation of the manga was announced in the Weekly Shōnen Magazine's 30th issue of 2016.[2]


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