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Map of Azerbaijan showing Ucar rayon

Ujar Rayon (Ucar Rayonu[1]) is a rayon (administrative district) of Azerbaijan, situated to the south of Goycay, in the centre of the country. This region contains the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline to the south of the Shirvan plain. There are 32 villages and 1 city in Ucar. The largest communities are Qazyan, Müsüslü and Qarabörk.

As of 2009, Ujar Rayon had an estimated population of 77,900 people, of which 22% were urban dwellers and 78% rural.[2] The population is 99.7% Azerbaijanis.[citation needed]


The name Ucar derives from the Turkic word "Ucqar" meaning "remote", as Ucar was remote from the Shirvanshah capital at Baku, and on the frontier of the Shirvan state.[3]

The Ujar Rayon was created on 24 January 1939 as an independent administrative unit from part of Goychay region.[4]


Chief executives[edit]

  • Gyulyushov, Nariman oglu Ibish - from 1994(?) to 29 March 2005
  • Gafurov, Arzu Telman oglu - from 29 March 2005 to 5 April 2010[5]
  • Mamedov, Yashar oglu Qahraman - since 5 April 2010[6]


Ujar Rayon is divided into twenty-nine municipalities.

  1. Ujar Municipality is coëxtensive with the city of Ucar
  2. Məlikballı Municipality
  3. Müsüslü Municipality
  4. Qarabörk Municipality
  5. Qazyan Municipality


Coordinates: 40°30′N 47°39′E / 40.500°N 47.650°E / 40.500; 47.650