Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0

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Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 cover.jpg
Developer(s) Banpresto
Publisher(s) Banpresto
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable
Release July 20, 2006
Genre(s) Fighting game
Mode(s) Single-player

Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 (ウルトラマン Fighting Evolution 0?) is a Fighting game based on the Japanese super hero Ultraman.

Playable Ultramen[edit]

Playable monsters and aliens[edit]


  • Although the character Black King is considered new to the Ultraman Fighting series, the model of the character is the same model that was used for the game entitled "Ultraman" for the PS2.
  • Alien Nackle was originally going to be a playable character and have the same model used from the game "Ultraman" for the PS2, but he was cut.
  • In the gas tank stage, you can see in the tank that it had a Kemular sign.
  • in the Nebula M78 stage you can clearly see the Ultraman King statue.