1952 United States Senate election in New York

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The 1952 United States Senate election in New York was held on November 4, 1952, as part of the bi-annual regular state election, to elect a U.S. Senator. At the same time, all members of the next New York State Assembly and the next New York State Senate, as well as presidential electors were elected.


The Liberal State Committee met on August 28, and nominated Dr. George S. Counts, Professor of Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, for the U.S. Senate.[1]

The Republican State Committee re-nominated the incumbent U.S. Senator Irving M. Ives.

The Democratic State Committee met on August 28, and nominated Brooklyn Borough President John Cashmore for the U.S. Senate.[2]


The Republican incumbent Ives was re-elected with the then largest plurality[3] in state history.

1952 state election result
Ticket / Office U.S. Senator
Republican Irving M. Ives 3,853,934
Democratic John Cashmore 2,521,736
Liberal George S. Counts 489,775
American Labor Corliss Lamont 104,702
Socialist Workers Michael Bartell[4] 4,263
Socialist Joseph G. Glass[5] 3,382
Industrial Government Nathan Karp[6] 2,451



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