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Background, a Recursive dream.[edit]

First off, I'm an un-recoverable wikipediholic.

Here's a biographical novel about me, Pierre: of The Ambiguities, written by Herman Melville.
My lineage can be traced to a common ancester of Alexandre Dumas. I'm 3rd generation aerospace, technical storyteller and pescetarian; my orgins are that of the Greater Seattle area. As a child, I aspired to become a conquistador cosmonaut.

In constrast, I spent five unmistakeable years studying and stealing sunshine in a tropical dump surrounded by McMansions and six months at a clandestine US Air Force Base. I've done research and work at Fermilab and UMich working on MESSENGER. Currently experiencing my quarter-life crisis while working on sabbatical from my career path of a privatdozent. In addition, I happen to be an 8th generation pupil of Euler.
Along the vein of Ernest Hemmingway, I'm a natural explorer and big game Seal Hunter and enjoy a rousing match of cockfighting. At times, I've been considered as a heartless romantic.

I'm on wikipedia actually MobiBLU DAH-1500i Cardboard Tube Fighting League

This character is a love-shy intellectual whore, with a pinache for limerence, who's currently working on a protracted Magnum opus, perhaps titled Airline Bled Resin or some facsimile.

G mail: conradkilroy

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Cherish, is the Word I would use to describe[edit]

Conquistador, Impresario, Laïcité, Contrarian, Arbitrage, Granfalloon, blackluster...

Concurrent Music Listening[edit]

        ConradKilroy @


Dord is a cool word. I am your idea, so push me.

I recommend one check out the IBM Research Data Visualization projects regarding the history of wikipedia edits. [1]


Celebrity encounters[edit]

In chronological order:

* from a concert

Stated Quotes[edit]

"Offest the Onslaught. Onslaught and Offest."

"Childhood cancer are adolescent phases children commonly outgrown?"

Endorsed Software[edit]

Publishing or blogging
Utility and Anti-Virus


Myspace,Facebook,YouTube,Livejournal,Wikipedia (recursive),Photobucket,Flickr,ImageShack, Friendster, orkut, slashdot

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Alternative rock | Indie

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