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If you would like to participate in this WikiProject, please add your name below under the proper headline, and feel free to change where you are if your situation changes (make note that the users are listed in alphabetical order). Also perhaps you could put a brief sentence in the specific area in which you specialize in hockey editing. Note: Please use the {{User|YOURNAME}} template when adding your name.

Members template[edit]

WikiProject Ice Hockey logo.svg This user is a member of
WikiProject Ice Hockey.


These are users who are active in WikiProject Ice Hockey, and edit hockey-related articles frequently.

  1. 0737290632t2x273n (talk · contribs) - I enjoy hockey statistics
  2. B2project (talk · contribs) - Generally Pittsburgh Penguins related articles, recently been creating missing conference/division standings.
  3. Bbabybear02 (talk · contribs) - Mostly Pittsburgh Penguins and Norfolk Admirals related articles.
  4. Brnelson14 (talk · contribs) - I specialize in the LA Kings, and playoffs. I also want to work on Head Coaches pages, if you want to help, just send me a message.
  5. Connormah (talk · contribs) (Admin) - photos, infoboxes, expansion, obscure players, etc. etc.
  6. Da Drewster (talk · contribs) Mostly European players, teams, seasons, venues, and coaches
  7. Deadman137 (talk · contribs) - Mostly working on NHL entry draft pages, Stanley Cup playoffs articles and division pages.
  8. Djsasso (talk · contribs) (Admin) - What don't I do?
  9. DMighton (talk · contribs) - CJAHL, OHA, NOHA, HNO, ODHA, Junior Leagues
  10. GoodDay (talk · contribs) - NHL related
  11. Kaiser matias (talk · contribs) (Admin) - Canucks, international and HHOF related articles, plus anything interesting I see
  12. My Pants Metal (talk · contribs) - Articles related to the Buffalo Sabres or the Rochester Americans. I'll also contribute to college hockey-related articles and other NHL-related articles.
  13. Patken4 (talk · contribs) - arenas, Montreal Canadiens, retired players
  14. Ravenswing (talk · contribs) - Minor leagues, 60s and 70s bios, HHOF bios.
  15. Ryecatcher773 (talk · contribs) - Rangers, 1980 US Men's team, Junior Hockey.
  16. Resolute (talk · contribs) - (Admin) Junior hockey in Western Canada, NHL team season articles, Flames player bios
  17. Rlendog (talk · contribs)
  18. Sherwood5030 (talk · contribs) - Primarily Newfoundland and Labrador hockey and related articles.
  19. Slave28 (talk · contribs) Eastern Ontario & Western Quebec coverage except Ottawa Senators (current & past) plus arenas when possible.
  20. Uncleben85 (talk · contribs) Transactions pages primarily; suspensions/fines, and try to help with NHL Draft. Dabble in other minor hockey related edits (ie. bio pages)
  21. WikiPancake (talk · contribs) -- WP:CANUCKS coordinator; I mostly work on the task forces included in this WikiProject.
  22. WpgJets4Life (talk · contribs) Winnipeg Jets, NHL, and other random hockey articles.


These are users who are semi-active in WikiProject Ice Hockey, meaning they edit on hockey-related articles here and there, but are mostly sporadic with their hockey-related edits.

  1. Bhockey10 (talk · contribs) -college hockey player, Focus on articles relating to collegiate and minor league Ice Hockey.
  2. Bmitchelf (talk · contribs) - Rangers and Wolf Pack updates, various player pages
  3. Calidum (talk · contribs) Bruins!
  4. Canuckian89 (talk · contribs) My interests lie mostly with the Vancouver Canucks, and the Stanley Cup playoffs
  5. Centpacrr (talk · contribs) NHL, AHL, and other minor pro hockey history (especially relating to Philadelphia & Hershey, PA)
  6. dbrodbeck (talk · contribs) - Mostly Montreal Canadiens, some Sault Greyhounds, keep an eye on player pages.
  7. De132Wiki (talk · contribs)
  8. Earl Andrew (talk · contribs) (Admin)
  9. Ejgreen77 (talk · contribs)-Mainly interested in the Buffalo Sabres and the NHL, also some interest in college hockey and European hockey.
  10. GLG GLG (talk · contribs) NHL, especially Leafs-related; player updates; misc.
  11. Gjn26 (talk · contribs) - Pensacola Ice Flyers, I also am sporadic in my updates of Jr. teams (usually Tier III Jr. A, the SEJHL, or the independent leagues) and various European club teams, leagues, and national teams.
  12. Gragox (talk · contribs) - mainly Latvian hockey league, teams, and also players
  13. Gregdox (talk · contribs) - Predominately Ottawa Senators articles, but will occasionally update other teams articles as well.
  14. Heroman26 (talk · contribs) -Working on statistics tables for any player that doesn't have one.
  15. Hockeyben (talk · contribs) - Mainly European and Asian hockey teams, leagues, and seasons
  16. Iheartthestrals (talk · contribs) - Largely focused on junior hockey teams and leagues, especially Junior B and C across Canada.
  17. il_cacciatore (talk · contribs) - Scottish ice hockey, specializing in Ayr based teams.
  18. jbaer50 (talk · contribs) - Winnipeg Jets
  19. Jmj713 (talk · contribs) - Stanley Cup, history, stats
  20. Kevin W. (talk · contribs) -- Chicago Blackhawks
  21. Krm500 (talk · contribs) - I specialize in swedish related articles. Please send a message if anything swedish/europe related need some work and I'll see what I can do.
  22. Leech44 (talk · contribs) - complete randomness.
  23. Lvivske (talk · contribs) - KHL related articles, Ukrainian league, Ukrainian players, Maple Leafs, Blackhawks
  24. Mark Staffieri (talk · contribs) - Women's ice hockey
  25. Maxim (talk · contribs) (Admin) - goalies
  26. Michael Drew (talk · contribs)
  27. NeoChaosX (talk · contribs) - San Jose Sharks, "Head Coaches of..." pages
  28. NuckGhostriderTPB (talk · contribs) - I hugely edit KIJHL, NHL, and teams that compete for the Cyclone Taylor Cup in BC, Canada.
  29. Nurmsook (talk · contribs) - If it's Vancouver Canucks or NCAA Division I men's ice hockey related, chances are I'm in the edit history.
  30. Orlandkurtenbach (talk · contribs) - primarily Vancouver Canucks player articles.
  31. Peterye2005 (talk · contribs) - NHL and Stanley Cup related
  32. Rejectwater (talk · contribs) - Detroit Red Wings and various randomness
  33. rtcotton (talk · contribs) - Arizona Coyotes, Western Hockey League .
  34. Scorpion0422 (talk · contribs) - Update Player bios, Trophy pages, HHOF, anything else I think needs doing
  35. ScottBonin (talk · contribs)
  36. Shootmaster 44 (talk · contribs) - Focus on Manchester Monarchs and Reading Royals.
  37. Skudrafan1 (talk · contribs) - just going nuts creating new player pages and editing Sabres-related pages.
  38. Soccer-holic (talk · contribs)
  39. Spilia4 (talk · contribs) - Mostly Toronto Maple Leafs , Hockey History, and Stat updates come season end.
  40. Swedishpenguin (talk · contribs) – Anything and everything about Swedish hockey. And sometimes British.
  41. Tavix (talk · contribs) (Admin)
  42. Teemu08 (talk · contribs)
  43. TemRoyals (talk · contribs) - GMHL, Temiscaming Titans stats, page layout, and information. (member of team, information completely accurate)
  44. TerminalPreppie (talk · contribs) Philadelphia Flyers, draft, IIHF.
  45. VT hawkeye (talk · contribs)
  46. Xcuref1endx (talk · contribs) - San Jose Sharks and international competitions.
  47. Yojimbo1941 (talk · contribs) - NHL, some college, and any articles about current/former enforcers
  48. Zzyzx11 (talk · contribs) (Admin)


These are users who have either outright left Wikipedia, or who have not contributed to a hockey related article in over 6 months, anyone with a last edit farther back than one year has been removed (but are more than welcome to re-add their names if they return). Note: Last edit refers to the last hockey related edit, not last edit overall.

  1. Bamsefar75 (talk · contribs) - Last Edit: 12:19, 26 December 2015
  2. CLAES (talk · contribs) - Last Edit: 14:54, 12 September 2015
  3. Dolovis (talk · contribs) - Last Edit: 14:09, 3 September 2015
  4. FutureNJGov (talk · contribs) - Last Edit: 13:25, 5 February 2016
  5. K. Annoyomous (talk · contribs) - Last Edit: 04:31, 11 October 2015
  6. Nez8114 (talk · contribs) - Last Edit: 09:03, 2 November 2015
  7. Patrickkane88 (talk · contribs) - Last Edit: 16:28, 5 September 2015
  8. Sue Kastle (talk · contribs) - Last Edit: 20:49, 16 January 2016
  9. Wcreed88 (talk · contribs) - Last Edit: 12:30, 10 August 2015
  10. YUL89YYZ (talk · contribs) - Last Edit: 10:47, 29 December 2015