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Thank you for your impact
in saying silently "ignore ignore ignore",
swinging your sword for the right thing,
and expressing joy in abundance,
in the sky with diamonds!

This list shows the recipients of Impact, a prize of WP:QAI, also to be known as the Dreadstar Prize.

This prize was created on 18 January in memory of Dreadstar who gave it to me in 2012, and who served the project with impact that will last.

Everybody is encouraged to find worthy recipient and pass the prize, - just modify the model.

Gerda Arendt (talk) 12:32, 18 January 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Graham87 friendly copy-editing 6 Jun 47
Ira Leviton citation maintenance 15 Nov 48


Hammersoft Don't! 10 Mar 43
Antandrus User:Antandrus/observations on Wikipedia behavior 15 Apr 44
SlimVirgin helping persons 10 May 45
Ritchie333 writing good articles, picking good admins to be, missing good people 3 Jun 46


Brianboulton highest standards 19 Jan 37
BlueMoonset overseeing DYK 17 Feb 38
Wehwalt articles of highest quality, and friendship 21 Feb 39
Ealdgyth featured article quality 30 Apr 40
El C insist on good faith 25 Jul 41
Jerome Kohl Stockhausen 10 Sep 41
Jimfbleak TFAs about birds 14 Sep 42


WJBscribe defending the values of the community 26 Jun 34
28bytes Move Like This 28 Jun 35
Boing! said Zebedee principled stance 1 Jul 36


John writing about a freedom fighter 8 Jan 25
The Rambling Man quality articles and checks 12 Jan 26
RexxS reasoned appraoch 18 Jan 27
Casliber gentle power of flowers 14 Feb 28
Yoninah soul of DYK 2 Jun 29
Corinne lasting lessons on good writing 22 Jul 30
Eric Corbett leading writers 26 Jul 31
Shock Brigade Harvester Boris "have a laugh" 3 Dec 32
Michael Bednarek eyes and brain 22 Dec 33


Martinevans123 aspiring to amuse 19 Sep 24 by Gerda


Dreadstar in the sky with diamonds 22 Jan by Gerda
Drmies dedicated image 18 Jan 1 by Gerda
Floquenbeam no foul, play on 21 Jan 2 by Gerda
Khazar Million 25 Jan 3 by Gerda
Opabinia regalis voice of arbitration 27 Jan 4 by Gerda
Viva-Verdi Verdi operas 28 Jan 5 by Gerda
PumpkinSky Awesome Wikipedian and Quality article improvement 30 Jan 6 by Gerda
Yngvadottir cultural bridge 12 Feb 7 by Gerda
Bishonen giving pocketing drawing 13 Feb 8 by Gerda
Alarbus torch 17 Feb 9 by Gerda
Women in Red fill red links on women 8 Mar 10 by Gerda
Keilana women scientists and galaxies 13 Mar 11 by Gerda
Gamaliel "you've got to be kind" 28 Mar 12 by Gerda
SusunW women's rights 31 Mar 13 by Gerda
Montanabw outspoken fairness 1 Apr 14 by Gerda
Pigsonthewing propagating accessibility 24 Apr 15 by Gerda
Dennis Brown raising awareness for editor retention 27 May 16 by Gerda
Voceditenore firm and friendly spirit of opera 1 Jun 17 by Gerda
Dank wording TFA blurb with style and neutrality 2 Jun 18 by Gerda
Moxy civility and maturity 3 Jun 19 by Gerda
Project Intertranswiki sharing cultures 22 Jun 20 by Gerda
WhatamIdoing explaining gently 8 Sep 21 by Gerda
Newyorkbrad following wikiheart 17 Nov 22 by Gerda
Baffle gab1978 the soul of articles 28 Nov 23 by Diannaa


Cherry Impact Event Awards were passed earlier, with an image designed by Ling.Nut.


Fairsing C. J. 30 Jun by Clarityfiend
Bruce1ee C. J. 1 Jul by Clarityfiend
Indubitably spreading a conciliatory milieu 2 Jul by Ling.Nut
Wadewitz Arts and Sciences can interact positively 20 Jul by Geometry guy
Phaedriel delightful sweetness 24 Jul by Dreadstar
Lisasmall delightful sweetness 22 Aug by Dreadstar
Digwuren understanding of the Soviet Union 20 Oct by Martintg
Dfrg.msc new tools 22 Oct by Marlith
GlassCobra new tools 5 Nov by Marlith
Amandajm Restoration of the Sistine Chapel frescoes 14 Nov by VegitaU


Brushcherry delightful sweetness 4 Mar by Warrington


Secret arbguide most in line with the mind of the community 10 Dec by Casliber


Gerda Arendt delightful sweetness 4 Mar by Dreadstar


Adam Cuerden purple impact 4 Jan by Hafspajen