Willenhall Bilston Street railway station

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Willenhall Bilston Street
Place Willenhall
Area Metropolitan Borough of Walsall
Coordinates 52°34′56″N 2°03′12″W / 52.5822°N 2.0534°W / 52.5822; -2.0534Coordinates: 52°34′56″N 2°03′12″W / 52.5822°N 2.0534°W / 52.5822; -2.0534
Grid reference SO964982
Original company Grand Junction Railway
Pre-grouping London and North Western Railway
Post-grouping London, Midland and Scottish Railway
Platforms 2
1837 Opened[1]
1965 Closed[1]
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Willenhall Bilston Street railway station was a station built on the Grand Junction Railway in 1837.[2]:22 It served the town of Willenhall, and was located just to the south of the town centre. It was one of two railway stations in the town - the other being Willenhall Stafford Street.

The station closed in 1965,[1] and there is little evidence of the existence at the site. The lines through the station are in use today as part of the Walsall to Wolverhampton Line.

There were proposals within the West Midlands Local Transport plan to reopen the station for passenger traffic, but these have been shelved. In December 2016 as part of the New Station Fund 2 project the West Midlands County Council put proposals in to reopen the station to passenger services.[3][4][5]. Andy Street pledged in his mayoral campaign to reopen the station, however there is still no timeline. [6]

Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Portobello   Walsall to Wolverhampton Line
earlier Grand Junction Railway
  Darlaston James Bridge


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