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Wind power in Kenya contributes only a small amount of the country's electrical power. However, its share in energy production is increasing. Kenya aims to generate 2,036 MW of wind power, or 9% of the country's total capacity, by 2030.[1]

KenGen Wind Power, Ngong

Kenya has one major wind farm, Ngong Hills Wind Farm, located in Ngong, Kajiado County. It produces around 5.1 MW of electricity.[2] It is owned by Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) and cost KES 1.6 billion (US $18 million) to construct.

Notable projects[edit]

Lake Turkana Wind Power[edit]

Kenya plans to build the largest wind farm in Africa, the Lake Turkana Wind Power consortium (LTWP). It aims to provide 300 MW of low-cost electrical power. With a projected cost of KES 70 billion (USD 800 million), it would be the largest single private investment in Kenya's history.[3] This wind farm would allow Kenya to eliminate its thermal generating plants, saving KES 15.6 billion (US $180 million) per year on imported fuel. The project would stimulate the Kenyan economy by contributing KES 3 billion (US $35 million) every year in tax revenue, a total of KES 58.6 billion (US $673 million) over the life of the project. The project is estimated to create 2,500 temporary jobs during construction and 200 full-time jobs once the plant is operating.

Other wind power facilities in Kenya[edit]

Plant Capacity (MW) Status
Ngong Wind I (Phase II) 6.8 Commissioned in April 2013
Isiolo Wind 150 Commissioned in July 2013
Marsabit Wind 50 Feasibility ongoing

Source: KenGen

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