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KenGen Wind Power, Ngong

Wind power in Kenya generates a small but its proportion of the country's electricity increases, as the installed capacity has been grows. Currently there is only one major wind farm, Ngong Hills Wind Farm. It is located in Ngong, Kajiado County and produces about 5.1 MW of electricity.[1] It is owned by Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) and cost KES. 1.6 billion (US$ 18 million).

Notable projects[edit]

Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP)[edit]

Kenya plans to build a the largest wind farm in Africa. The Lake Turkana Wind Power consortium (LTWP) aims to provide 300MW of low cost power. At KES. 70 billion (US$800 million) will be the largest single private investment in Kenya’s history.[2]

Impact on the Kenyan economy[edit]

  • It will be the largest single private investment in Kenya
  • Kenya won't need to buy oil for its thermal plants. It will save KES. 15.6 billion (US$180 million) p/a on fuel imports.
  • The Project will contribute KES. 3 billion (US$35 million) p/a of tax and KES. 58.6 billion (US$ 673 million) over the entirety of the project.
  • When construction is being carried, 2,500 jobs will be created and another 200 full-time jobs


Plant Capacity (MW) Status
Ngong Wind I (Phase II) 6.8 Commissioning in April 2013
Isiolo Wind 150 Commissioning in July 2013
Marsabit Wind 50 Feasibility ongoing

Source: KenGen


By 2030 Kenya aims to have 2,036MW of wind power or 9% of total capacity.[3]

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