Snowy Jade Cave

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Snow Jade Cave (雪玉洞 – Xuěyù Dòng)
Xueyu Cave
View 1 in Snowy Jade Cave, Fengdu County.JPG
Interior view in the cave.
Official name: Snowy White Cave
Country People's Republic of China
Region Southwest China
Municipality Chongqing Municipality
Location Fengdu County
Length 1.6 km (1 mi)
View in Snowy Jade Cave.
Stalactites in Snowy Jade Cave.

Snowy Jade Cave (a.k.a. Snow Jade Cave or Xueyu Cave,[1] Chinese: 雪玉洞; pinyin: Xuěyù Dòng; literally: "Snow Jade Cave") is a National Three Gorges Scenic Area and a National 4A Scenic Area located in Fengdu County, Chongqing Municipality, People's Republic of China, not far from the Yangtze River.[2]


The cave's interior is China's only pure-white, jade-like example.[citation needed] It continues to expand due to erosion in the surrounding karst landscape. 1,644 m (5,394 ft) long, of which 1,161 m (3,809 ft) have been explored, [3] Snowy Jade Cave is spread over three levels. Inside, both the 8 m (26 ft) Stone King's Flag (石旗王) and the 4 m (13 ft) high Stone King's Shield (石盾王) features are the largest of their type in the world.[citation needed] There are also numerous examples of corals.

The surrounding area is also home to rare animal species including macaque, wild boar, and golden pheasant.[3]

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