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YES 933
Broadcast area Singapore
Branding Y.E.S. 93.3FM
Slogan Your Entertainment Station 頂尖流行音樂電台
Frequency 93.3 MHz
First air date 1 January 1990
Format Contemporary hits,
Owner MediaCorp
Webcast Web Stream
Website toggle.sg/yes933

YES 933 is a Mandarin radio station owned by MediaCorp in Singapore. It is a 24-hour music station that plays contemporary hits and targets listeners aged 15 to 34.


Singapore Radio began in 1936 with stations each broadcasting in its four official languages - namely Radio One (English), Radio Two (Malay), Radio Three (Chinese) and Radio Four (Tamil). The then owner - Singapore Broadcasting Corporation - launched a revamp campaign and started several stations targeting different segments of the population. Perfect Ten began in 1989 to play English hits for the youth, while its Chinese equivalent, Y.E.S. 93.3FM began broadcasting on 1 Jan 1990 at 9.33AM.

Y.E.S. 93.3FM began as an 18-hour station, broadcasting from 6.00AM to 12.00AM. Broadcasting hours were extended to 2AM in the early 1990s, making it the first Chinese radio station to offer music after midnight. It finally went 24 hours on 1 May 1994.

The Y.E.S. moniker was adopted in 1998. It is an acronym for Your Entertainment Station.



  • Managing Director: Florence Lian
  • Assistant Vice President: Rebecca Yap
  • Assistant Programme Director: Cruz Teng
  • Music Director: Chua Yizi
  • Senior Promotions Exec: Ng Jia Hui, Imelda Koh


  • 丁志勇 Cruz Teng Chee Yong
  • 谢家发 Xie Jiafa (Seah Kar Huat)
  • 林佩芬 Christina Lim Peifen
  • 蕭嘉蕙 Siau Jiahui
  • Jeff
  • 蔡偉彬 Nico Chua Wee Ping
  • 鐘坤華 Kenneth Chung Kun Wah
  • 陳寧 Chen Ning
  • 陈艾薇 Ivy Tan

Former Notable DJs promoted to Management[edit]

  • 彭远青 [1]
  • 刘杰奇 (Now Editor of I-weekly)[1]
  • 杨金英 Veron Yeo (Promoted to Vice President of Chinese Radio Programming, MediaCorp Radio)
  • 冯慧诗 Foong Wai See (Now Love 97.2FM's Senior Programme Director in 2013)[2]

Former Notable DJs who crossed to other MediaCorp Stations or other MediaCorp departments[edit]

  • 何子干 (To Love 97.2FM as the Music Director) [1]
  • 杨强琳 (To Love 97.2FM)
  • 林俊欣 Kenneth Lin (Promoted to Creative Producer of Chinese Radio Programming (中文台创意制作人), MediaCorp Radio)[3][4]
  • 巫许玛莉 Bukoh Mary (Crossover to Capital 95.8FM in 2012)
  • 周崇庆 Dennis Chew (Crossover to Love 97.2FM in 2013)[5]
  • 林灵芝 Lim Leng Kee (Crossover to UFM 1003, then to Capital 95.8FM)

Former Notable DJs who crossed to competitor stations[edit]

  • 黄文鸿 Wong Woon Hong (Crossover to UFM 1003)
  • 杨君伟 Danny Yeo (Crossover to UFM 1003)

Former Notable DJs who left the industry[edit]

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