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Developer(s) Mike Potter (Zugg)
Stable release 7.21 / September 26th, 2005
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type MUD client

Zugg's MUD Client (zMUD) is a MUD client developed by Zuggsoft. It was first developed in 1995, and was made into shareware in 1996.[citation needed] It supports several enhancements to standard Telnet such as MXP, MCCP, MUD Sound Protocol and features mapping capabilities.[1]

A new client has been released by Zugg and continues development, named CMUD, which officially supports Vista.[citation needed]


  1. ^ Dodge, Martin; Kitchin, Rob (2000-09-02). Mapping Cyberspace. Routledge. p. 153. ISBN 0-415-19884-4. One interesting approach that attempts to achieve this is, is one which automatically records movement through MUD space, using this information to dynamically map the spaces visited. Such an approach has been adopted by the zMUD client, from Zugg Software, which includes the automapping tool shown in figure 8.5. zMUD can be configured to decode the room descriptions, and to record the standard cardinal walking directions, teleports and one-way links. 

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