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Animal ethics is a term used in academia to describe human-animal relationships and how animals ought to be treated. The subject matter includes animal rights, animal welfare, animal law, speciesism, animal cognition, wildlife conservation, the moral status of nonhuman animals, the concept of nonhuman personhood, human exceptionalism, the history of animal use, and theories of justice.[1]

Issues and Ethics in the Horse Industry include: BLM Mustang Management, Sale and Capture Techniques Equine Slaughter and Transportation to International Slaughter Desitinations Cloning of Horses Drug and training abuse in the Horse Show Industry: Hanging, Bleeding, Drugging, Blocking Lameness and Blocking Tails, Spot Removal, Braces for Parrot Mouth, Training Demands on Young horses for Futurity Money

Drug abuse and training abuse in the Racing Industry: Death rate of the Thoroughbreds due to training and racing demands on such young, undeveloped horses

Hoarders, Neglect, Abandonment and Animal Abuse

Lack of Emergency Management for Horses and Large Animal Livestock

Use of Horses for Trick Shows and in the Circus

New rules and laws need to set down and fine veterinarians that prostitute their illegal, unethical services and the sale of illegal drugs for money(anabolic steroids).

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