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Official seal of Banjarbaru
Nickname(s): "Kota bukit" = city of Hills
Lokasi Kalimantan Selatan Kota Banjarbaru.svg
Banjarbaru is located in Indonesia
Coordinates: 3°28′S 114°45′E / 3.467°S 114.750°E / -3.467; 114.750Coordinates: 3°28′S 114°45′E / 3.467°S 114.750°E / -3.467; 114.750
Country Indonesia
Province South Kalimantan
 • Mayor Ruzaidin Noor (Newly Elected)
 • Total 371 km2 (143 sq mi)
Elevation 23 m (75 ft)
Population (2010 Census)[citation needed]
 • Total 199,359
 • Density 540/km2 (1,400/sq mi)
Time zone WITA (UTC+8)
Welcome Monument

Banjarbaru is a city in the province of South Kalimantan in Indonesia. It is located 35 kilometres (22 mi) southeast of Banjarmasin. The city had a population of 199,359 at the 2010 Census.


Banjarbaru City is located on the major road crossing South Kalimantan. The central road Jalan Jendral Achmad Yani, splits Banjarbaru in 2 sides. The city is bordered by Martapura to the north, Karang Intan to the east, Gambut and Aluh-Aluh to the west and Bati–Bati (Tanah Laut Subdistrict) to the south.


Banjarbaru is located at the foot of the Meratus Mountains, with 80% of the city area elevated between 0 to 25 metres (82 ft) above sea level, but also includes areas up to 500 m (1,600 ft) high. Similarly slopes vary between 0 to 8% for most of the city's territory, with some areas sloping up to 15%.[citation needed]


The main economic activities in order of their contribution to the Regional Bruto Product are: Commerce, restaurant and hotel (21.7%), Services (16.3%), Building (16.3%), Processing industry (15.7%) and Mining: (8.7%), while Agriculture only contributes 4.9%.[1]


Banjarbaru has an area of 371.3 km2 (143.4 sq mi), divided into five districts (kecamatan): Banjarbaru Utara (North Banjarbaru), Banjarbaru Selatan (South Banjarbaru), Cempaka, Landasan Ulin and Liang Anggang; currently these districts cover four administrative villages (kelurahan) each, comprising the following, with 2010 Census populations:[2]

Landasan Ulin District:

  • Landasan Ulin Timur (14,178)
  • Guntung Payung (6,474)
  • Guntung Manggis (19,970)
  • Syamsuddin Noor (10,888)

Liang Anggang District:

  • Landasan Ulin Tengah (9,230)
  • Landasan Ulin Utara (13,303)
  • Landasan Ulin Barat (6,323)
  • Landasan Ulin Selatan (5,692)

Cempaka District:

  • Palam (3,101)
  • Bangkal (4,217)
  • Sungai Tiung (7,986)
  • Cempaka (13,015)

Banjarbaru Utara District:

  • Loktabat Utara (17,580)
  • Mentaos (9,431)
  • Komet (4,019)
  • Sungai Ulin (11,775)

Banjarbaru Selatan District:

  • Loktabat Selatan (8,360)
  • Kemuning (8,495)
  • Guntung Paikat (7,975)
  • Sungai Besar (17,615)

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