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Burnbit is an Internet service and website that allows users to create a torrent for any file that is hosted anywhere on the internet.


The major innovation behind Burnbit is that it allows web based seeding of torrents. At the same time it also allows users to search and download torrent files.[1][2][3]


The users only need to upload their files to a web-server. When they submit the URL to Burnbit, a corresponding torrent file will be generated which can be shared with the public. All this requires only a few clicks. The torrent file is hosted by Burnbit and made available for download. All files provided by Burnbit are by default public.[4] If the file is mirrored on other servers, each mirror URL needs to be submitted and is automatically added to the existing torrent.


Notable users of Burnbit include the Wikimedia Foundation. The Wikimedia Foundation uses Burnbit technology to distribute the Wikipedia data dumps via BitTorrent. This enables users to get their own offline copy of Wikipedia.


The Burnbit site currently indexes more than 150,000 files. All these files have been automatically categorized.[4]


Burnbit has received universally good reviews.[2][5]


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