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Dainese SpA
Industry Motorsport clothing
Extreme sports clothing
Founded 1972
Founder Lino Dainese
Headquarters Vicenza, Italy
Key people
Lino Dainese
Subsidiaries AGV
Website www.dainese.com

Dainese (pronounced die-neh-zeh) is an Italian company founded in 1972 by its current President Lino Dainese. It specializes in protective wear for sports such as motorcycling, mountain biking and downhill skiing. Dainese is owned by Investcorp of Bahrain and manufactures in Tunisia.[1]

It is known well in motorcycling circles, sponsoring current athletes such as Valentino Rossi and Guy Martin. Other users of Dainese wear are Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond and stunt-coordinator Claudio Pacifico.

Dainese offers both an 'off-the-shelf' and a 'made to measure' service, therefore opening the brand to variety of types and price levels; many of its 'leathers' are handmade and employ exotic materials, such as carbon fibre and titanium.[citation needed]

Dainese uses its racing sponsorship program to research and develop new innovations. Through 2008 and 2009, Dainese has debuted, through its sponsored riders in MotoGP, an airbag suit. Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo have both used this suit in races. The suit has an airbag integrated into the leather one-piece suit, which inflates when the suit's internal microprocessor detects a crash.



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