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Ego Engine
Ego Engine Logo .jpg
Developer(s) Codemasters, Sony Computer Entertainment
Stable release 3.0 / 2013
Preview release 4.0 / 2015
Platform PlayStation 3
Microsoft Windows
Xbox 360
Mac OS X
Wii U
Xbox One
Playstation 4
Type Game engine
License Proprietary
Website Codemasters Official Website

Ego Game Technology Engine (more commonly referred to as Ego Engine or EGO, stylised ego) is a video game engine developed by Codemasters.

Ego is a modified version of the Neon game engine that was used in Colin McRae: Dirt and was developed by Codemasters and Sony Computer Entertainment using Sony Computer Entertainment's PhyreEngine cross-platform graphics engine.[1] The Ego engine was developed to render more detailed damage and physics as well as render large-scale environments.[2]

Games using the engine[edit]

EGO 1.0
EGO 1.5
EGO 2.0
EGO 3.0
EGO 4.0


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