Guanyin District

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Guanyin District
Location of Guanyin District
Guanyin District is located in Taiwan
Guanyin District
Guanyin District
Location in the Republic of China
Coordinates: 25°02′N 121°06′E / 25.033°N 121.100°E / 25.033; 121.100Coordinates: 25°02′N 121°06′E / 25.033°N 121.100°E / 25.033; 121.100
Country  Taiwan
Region Northern Taiwan
 • Mayor Ou Bingchen
 • Total 87.9807 km2 (33.9695 sq mi)
Population (January 2014)
 • Total 63,050
 • Density 720/km2 (1,900/sq mi)

Guanyin District (Chinese: 觀音區; pinyin: Guānyīn Qū) is a rural, coastal district in western Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Guanyin is also the name of a god in Buddhism in Taiwan.


Guanyin was originally named as Shiguanyin during the Qing Dynasty rule. It was renamed to Guanyin in 1920 during the Japanese rule. On 25 December 2014, it was upgraded to a district named Guanyin District.[1]


Guanyin is part of the alluvial fan in Taoyuan County.[2] The coastline is about 15 km at the northern side.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Administrative divisions of Guanyin Township.

Guanyin Village, Baiyu Village, Guangxing Village, Datan Village, Baosheng Village, Wuwei Village, Sanhe Village, Xinxing Village, Kengwei Village, Jinhu Village, Lanpu Village, Datong Village, Daku Village, Lunping Village, Fuyuan Village, Shangda Village, Xinpo Village, Guangfu Village, Tajiao Village, Baozhang Village, Caota Village, Caoxin Village, Shulin Village, Fulin Village.[3]


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