Judith Mountains

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Judith Mountains
Montana winter aerial.jpg
Judith Mountains in winter
Highest point
Peak Judith Peak
Elevation 6,428 ft (1,959 m)
Coordinates 47°13′08″N 109°13′43″W / 47.21889°N 109.22861°W / 47.21889; -109.22861Coordinates: 47°13′08″N 109°13′43″W / 47.21889°N 109.22861°W / 47.21889; -109.22861
Country United States
State Montana
Parent range Rocky Mountains

The Judith Mountains are located in central Montana[1] in Fergus County just to the northeast of Lewistown, Montana.

Judith Peak is the highest summit of this range, with an elevation of 6,428 feet.


To the southeast of Judith Peak lies the remains of Fort Maginnis. Fort Maginnis was built in 1880 to protect the cattle ranches, the gold mining camps in and around the Judith Mountains and the Carroll Trail. The fort was constructed following the battle of the Little Bighorn.[2][3][4]

Mining and geology[edit]

The geology of the range includes limestone, sandstone, and siltstone of Cambrian to Cretaceous age which were intruded by alkaline intrusives of monzonite, syenite to tinguaite composition of Cretaceous to Tertiary age. Epithermal gold and silver veins are found along the intrusive contacts.[5]

The mountains were the center of gold and silver mining in the 1800s and current exploration continues.[4][6] The old mining camps of Maiden and Gilt Edge were built during the mining boom in the 1880s and 1890s.[4]

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