Lisan al-Dawat

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Lisan-ud-Dawat (Arabic: لسان الدعوة‎, Lisan ud-Dawat), is the language of the Dawoodi Bohras, an Ismaili Shia Muslim community. The name of the language itself is an Arabic term that means "the language of the Dawat". The Dawah refers to the Ismaili missionary order headed by the Imam of the era.

There are around one million Dawoodi Bohras worldwide, and thus only around 1 million speakers of this language.[citation needed]


It is a language that has its roots in Gujarati grammar but incorporates a heavy amount of Arabic, Urdu, and Persian. It is written in the Arabic script. The language is mutually intelligible with Gujarati to a certain extent.  Some key works in Lisan al-Dawat are the nasihats (advice in the form of poetry) written by SyednaTaher SaifuddinRA, the previous Dai al-Mutlaq. Some of the famous nasihats recited regularly by Bohras are "Allah Ta'ala Nu Hamd Tu Karje" (Always remember to thank God) and "Biradar Tu Nasihat Sun" (My brother, listen to this advice).

Many in the Dawoodi Bohras community look upon Lisan al-Dawat as a bridge for their Gujarati community to Arabic, the language of the Quran.